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  1. Has actually been good since he returned. He is also really over since he returned. I know a lot of you hate the Fella, but he has been solid, no?
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  2. He's come in motivated and on fire. I'm enjoying it.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one. When I came back to WWE in 2010 Sheamus was being pushed hard and I really enjoyed. He was beyond terrible for a stretch with both his character and sloppy ring work, but he is on point again now. Fellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
  4. For sure. Probably my favorite in ring bar Daniel Bryan and Cesaro, if it wasn't for his Irish Cena gimmick I'd like him a lot more.

    Those stronk wars between Cesaro and Sheamus with those uppercuts, aw yis.
  5. I hate him less if that counts for anything... I still despise watching him take up valuable TV time, but as long as he has no significance to anything I'm interested in then I can definitely put up with him. That's more than what I could say 7 or so months ago.
  6. I liked watching him and Cesaro go at it for awhile last night and also him and Christian put on an entertaining string of moves in the match. Overall I'm not a huge fan of Sheamus, but I do like the guy and think there's room for an Irish Superstar like him until he can't go anymore.. also imo I think a heel turn would be the icing on top of the cake for him after this return from injury.
  7. Idk, he can work fine as a face as long as he stays motivated. It seems everyone has either turned in the past year, seems like they are turning soon or the fans are calling for them to turn.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind seeing him stay with the company as a face. It's just idk something in my head is just like thirsting for him to turn heel, I think he would be a badass mofo.
  9. He's always been a solid worker. Like with ADR, my problem has never been his ring work but his boring character (though Sheamus is more tolerable than Del Rio is) and the fact that he's shoved down our throats at times. As long as he stays where he's at and spends the majority of his time being booked in the upper-midcard, I've no problem with him.
  10. Kinda Offtopic but related to this post ADR looked good primo last night, the feigned injury, the beat down with the crutch, the in ring work. I lovedddd when they were booing Batista and cheering him on!
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  11. I haven't seen the PPV yet but I keep seeing people comment on how ADR got cheered over Batista during last night's match. Kinda sad that the #1 contender going into Wrestlemania is so hated that he's able to get even someone like ADR over with the crowd, eh?
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  12. Oh indeed haha when you get the chance definitely check it out haha it was a pretty funny sight, the "We Want Lesnar" chants too were all over the PPV.
  13. Definitely. ADR got a good match out of Batista, shocking. I was highly entertained by ADR working him over and the crowd burying Batista. The dark cloud of Batista winning was still hanging over the match throughout, but ADR was great. I'll be sad to see him leave
  14. Did you hear the "We want Ziggler" chants during the Big E/Swagger match? I was so proud
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  15. I don't know if this was brought up in this conversation because I just saw the thread but ughhhh, I think they are going for Christian vs. Sheamus at 'Mania. The way Christian has been acting like a heel and they both have nothing to do at 'Mania.
  16. For sure, I doubt they are going to be able to fill his shoes for awhile, imo he's a very memorable guy especially for the Hispanic fans.
  17. Lolol the crowd knows what they want.. that just did not seem like a PPV match. The Fatal 4 way between the four for the contender spot seemed more PPV worthy than that wreck.
  18. It went on for like... 10 minutes too. Was boring as fuck, Big E is just lame for me. Ziggler would have brought the house down if given 10 minutes to defend a mid card belt, but instead with get Boring E
  19. Lol even against a lame like Swagger or Big E that match would definitely be more entertaining than what I saw between both E & Swagger. Even though in it's current state Ziggler is above the IC, I think they should give it to someone like him for awhile.. it's time that belt gets brought back into the lower main event/upper midcard scene.
  20. Ziggler or Cesaro need to carry the IC Belt for like a year, being put into feuds with mic time and build, to get it to where it needs to be as the now #2 belt in the company.
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