Shelton Benjamin reportedly requested his ROH release and is leaving for the WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by leojay, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Probably bullshit, but aw shiet.
  2. I'd love to see Shelton back in the WWE, so I guess that'd be a nice sign if true.
  3. I like but I want Charlie Haas also so they can team up in the tag division. So that Shelton isn't just a mid card bore like Tensai!
  4. Would want to see Shelton vs Kofi.
  5. "Ain't No Stoppin' Me NOW"!
  6. The Golden Standard Baby!!!
  7. I'll give u that Hoss that would be a good match right there.
  8. They should just bring back the WWGT for a feud with Hell No. That'd provide some great matches and bring in another REAL tag team.
  9. Shelton/Kofi feud needs to happen.


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  10. Actually pleased about this.
  11. And just when you think Shelton is about to go to WWE....
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    Welcome to the Impact Zone, introducing the opponent "There's no halting me currently!" Selton Ben!
  12. Le WWE blows

    The bronze standard?
  13. The bronze edition
  14. Eh cool, I guess.
  15. Nice, but will still be underutilized sadly.
  16. Shelton big mistake doing that WWE will only waste your talent dont bother going back there
  17. Kelly Kelly is a slut

    Money > being used well in a scripted sport... Its like having sympathy for an actor cos he always plays the villain
  18. RE: Kelly Kelly is a slut


    I feel so bad, they never let him beat Van Damme. :sad:
  19. You're comparing Tensai to Shelton? Shelton is a great wrestler Tensai. His mic skills are seriously lacking, but there are a couple upper mid card talents who are just the same.

    Shelton Benjamin > Kofi Kingston
  20. RE: Kelly Kelly is a slut

    I'm excited somewhat, but then not really. Shelton is great in the ring, but he has almost zero charisma and pretty bad mic skills, and so he's likely destined to be just another guy on the roster they can count on to put others over (and make them look good in the process) and nothing more. Might as well go to TNA or just stay in ROH.
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