Sheymoose losing streak.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. It's a shameful source..
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  2. It was refreshing to see Sheamus lose.
  3. Not losing clean though... :pity:
  4. Don't spoil the moment Lacky :upset:

    Plus, he lost via pinfall to Punk, that was great. When was the last time he had lost via pinfall before that?
  5. Doesn't matter if it's dirty...
  6. Don't really care about his streak at all. Just want the belt off him. THAT'S RIGHT! I said belt because that's what Sheamful has done to it.
  7. The belt has pretty much lost all prestige it once had. Slap it on Barrett but I don't even think he has the midas touch to help it. Plus Barrett would be better off on Raw.
  8. Barrett needs to get some momentum before going for the WHC, he's only been squashing jobbers recently. Plus, let's not forget about Dolph.
  9. Barrett at this point would be awful. Clearly DZ is going to be the next champion (excluding whoever beats Sheamus to eat the pin from Ziggler)
  10. Sheamus stopped selling his little whore body to Triple H & as a result he is now losing
  11. I hadn't even realized how many matches he'd won in a row. I almost always do my bathroom breaks or soda refills during that segment haha
  12. Haha, you boss!
  13. :haha: Well I'll take that losing streak, probally their attempt to make Sheamus look like an underdog. Don't really care, just want that championship off of Sheamus....and I see what you did to the source....
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  14. I knew you'd like it :yay:
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