Shield are pussies being told what to do by HHH

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. The Shield are pussies being told what to do by HHH on Raw with guarding the ring, then beating up Daniel Bryan. Seriously these are the same guys who debuted on Raw beating up whoever and not taking any shit from no one and taking no orders off anyone and now all of sudden there taking orders off HHH this is just laughable I told you all these three would fail and they just have. They may as well legit kiss HHH's ass
  2. How many times have I said this today.


    K A Y F A B E

    Definition Of Kayfabe:

    Wrestling term meaning "top secret." It refers to the practice of maintaining the illusion that wrestling was 100% genuine.
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  3. So? It's still a gripe with how differently they've been booked, going against their initial principle.
  4. If she hadn't said it like it was real then yes.
  5. She didn't, she highlighted its gone against their gimmick to be pussies. She worded it like a special needs donkey typing on a cheese block I concede but screaming kayfab without offering any discussions make you seem equally idiotic. Just an opinion from the resident Internet bad guy, Seabs however.
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  6. Brock Lesnar is a pussy because he takes orders from Paul Heyman, one minute he is kicking ass the second he is kissing ass. I told you he would fail.

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  7. lol'd at that one.

    Dont even care, Their gimmick has gone stale so this is a refresher.
  8. By the way on a serious note, yeh they have been poorly booked.
  9. It was revealed in January of this year that The Shield were being paid off by Paul Heyman to do as he told them, which included making sure the belt stayed on Punk at all cost and attacking Brad Maddox backstage. And this was actually how they debuted in the company in the first place - interfering during a CM Punk title defense. It made people wonder whether the justice gig was genuine and they were simply paid off by Heyman for one or two special jobs (Ambrose said in a promo afterwards that no one ever said justice was for free) or whether it was all just an act and they were simply hired muscle from the start. You apparently have forgotten this.

    Either way, whatever Heyman was paying them, I'm sure the McMahons and Triple H are paying much, much, much, much more.
  10. Personally I liked The Shield being the morons paid to protect HHH and Orton. Its not a huge character change as money talks plus its a big alliance of power with nearly every belt in that stable.
  11. No he doesnt. Brock just shows up to kick ass

    As for the Shield they are pussies. If they were real men they would tell HHH where to go and walk off to the back clearly they dont have the balls to do that
  12. So? Pussies are pretty tough. They can take a nice beating and nearly everybody wants to beat one.
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  13. I told you all the Shield would fail and they have its only a matter of time now before they split and lose the titles
  14. Not really failed though have they? US and Tag Team champs and aligned with the power stable in the company right now. How is that failure?
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  15. I completely understand what you're saying and I completely agree with you.

    The Shield debuted in the WWE main roster by attacking Ryback because they where about justice and about their group as a trio. The Shield would go on to destroy many named superstars such as Ryback, Mark Henry, Randy Orton and so forth, only because they could. I'm pretty sure the group's agenda was to be the outlaw's of the WWE, to be the three that keep themselves away from the rest and where against anyone.

    The Shield working for the upper-management causes their group to be in the shadow's of the feud since it's about Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Triple H and the McMahon's. It seems now as if The Shield are pretty much the co-operation's bitches because they're listening to orders given by them, but as far as this goes, I understand what they'd involve them in this feud, if it's to turn Reigns.

    I completely understand that they could've incorporated that in a completely different way, but at the end of the day, we don't always get what we want.
  16. Aw man, Shield members turning, here it comes
  17. dont pretend this isnt contradictive of her other posts. Youre playing asshole for the sake of it.

    Im a huge fan :stopspot:
  18. She does contradict herself to gain a reaction, discuss things logically and she doesn't get the attention she wants. Why do you think she chose Kelly Kelly? Everyone hates her so she can defend her and get easy bites.
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  19. So,you're saying The Shield are pussies for following Triple H's orders last week? I'm pretty sure that makes every wrestler on the roster a pussy because they also followed Trips' orders to not help out Daniel Bryan.:pity2: