Hell in a Cell Shield at Hell In A Cell.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by RoyalRaven, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. So they lost to Cody and Goldust, Does this mean that the Uso's aren't #1 contenders anymore? Who will they face in there first HIAC match? Also what does that mean for Ambrose?
  2. I can see the Usos getting their shot during a RAW leading up to HIAC. Or it becomes a triple threat match.

    As for Ambrose, either just have him manage the other two (nothing says every belt has to be on the line at the show) and as long as he is involved and gets a chance to talk he will still be remembered. Or challenger #3125

  3. I'd personally like to see PTP vs Reigns and Rollins. Then maybe have someone like Gabriel or Ryder job to Ambrose, they'd at least get some TV time.
  4. I don't think Cody and Goldust defeating Rollins and Reigns means they're the new #1 contenders. The stipulation of the match was about Cody (and Goldust?) getting rehired, not about qualifying for the tag team championships. I'd love for the match to happen again though, or to add the Usos to make it a triple threat match. If Ambrose defends his title, then he can always put it on the line against Ziggler, who is sure to be floundering about doing nothing else of importance.
  5. Gabriel would be perfect to job to Ambrose.. Ryder shouldn't get a title shot or any TV time.
  6. Ryder would be a good one. Could give him some much needed TV time too. Would be interesting to see a Ryder/Ambrose feud for a bit
  7. Usos are the #1 contenders and have a long standing feud with The Shield. Usos will be getting the title shot. It's Basic Thuganomics.

    Next month maybe it will be PTP's turn.
  8. The Usos are still the #1 contenders, I'm pretty sure they'll be the ones to get the belts off Reigns and Rollins.
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  9. Just a thought: would anyone like to see a Fatal 4-Way Tag Match between The Shield vs. PTP vs. the Usos vs. Cody/Goldust?

    Not advocating for it, just a thought.

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  10. Dude...

    *raises hand*

    I'll advocate the fuck out of that. Maybe have Goldie turn on Cody during the match to set up their thing.
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  11. The only thing I worry about (thought about it after I posted) is that it would have 3 face teams (although Dustin turning on Cody would be a real possibility, even a probability, in my opinion) versus one heel team. It might make more sense to have the Real Americans thrown in there for either the Usos or PTP, although that would only be necessary if Dustin and Cody were going to continue working together, setting up either a continued feud between them and the Shield with the other face team feuding with the Americans or having the Rhodes feud with the Americans and the other face team feud with Reigns and Rollins.

  12. Triple threat tornado tag team match inside the cell. Would love to see that

  13. Yeah right on. You could sell the whole 3 face team vs The Shield pretty easily though. The Shield has their back up against the wall because you know, they're dicks to everyone. So you have the babyface teams all gunning for them initially, before mixing it up with each other.
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  14. That's very true. But, usually when that plays out in a match, it ends up being to the advantage of the heel team (or the face when it's 3 heels on 1 face), as they take advantage of the fact that the opposite teams/wrestlers end up mixing it up with each other.

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  15. It's not going to be like this but I would like to see a fatal-4-way tag team championship action, The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns w/ Dean Ambrose) vs The Wyatt Family (Eric Rowan & Luke Harper w/ Bray Wyatt) vs The Rhodes (Cody Rhodes & Goldust w/ Dusty Rhodes) vs La Matadores (Diego & Fernando w/ El Torito). Wouldn't it be a historical match and likely the Shield would lose their titles.
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    Well now that The Shield lost the Tag Team Titles, I wonder what they'll be doing from now on?
  17. Honestly,I hope they break up now. While I love The Shield I just think they'd be better off on their own now.
  18. WWE almost gave The Usos a good push and then they kinda messed it up by putting the belts on The Shield. There's not even a tag division anymore

  19. True dat, I still think the belts should have gone to a Tag Team rather than The Rhodes.
  20. Yes & no. Yes because I'm a mark for this storyline, no because the tag division needs to be reestablished. They were going in the right direction when Usos and PTP got their pushes, but it's been really diminished now aside from Cesaro spinning people around every week
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