Shield can't interfere.....

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DarksideTrin, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. But no one said anything about Bork Lazur!

    I can totally see CM Punk retaining via DQ when Brock comes out and destroys the Rock.
    This will not only keep weasel champ Punk as champ, but sets up Brock vs Rock at wrestle mania!

    I so see this as a very likely possibility.

    I don't see Punk losing the belt!
  2. This would make 0 sense. Have Brock come back and attack Paul's guy? Or would it turn out that Heyman has just been trolling Punk?

    IDK, creative isn't smart enough to do this.
  3. When Brock comes out and destroys the rock......

    I know that's what I wrote....
    Did u not read it?
  4. He thinks Brock will attack The Rock, not CM Punk. lol

    U need glasses :pity:
  5. Same idea he can interfere but it wi?? be nonsense.
  6. Oh sorry, I just saw brock interfering and skipped the rest.

    Nah, it's Brock/HHH part 2 so HHH can get his win back at Mania.
    Rock/Cena II for the title
  7. Sad but true..
    HHH has an ego bigger than his penis. :bury:

    Cares for business my ass :hunter:
  8. No one is bigger than the business. *wink wink* :bury:

    Would be alright, I don't like two part timers main eventing WM and not sure where that'd leave Punk, Cena, Taker and HHH but it'd stop Rock from winning, at least.
  9. In my opinion, i think punk will retain by like, dq or something and undertaker makes a suprise return and wins it.. So it will set up a match between punk vs taker at wrestlemaia, making it Undertakers streak vs Punks reign. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  10. 10th time. Brock vs HHH in the rumble, bet on it. Cm punk vs who cares at wm. Cena wins rumble, Rocky wins title, shit is going to happen. Shield probably vs the unused people like Orton. Im just going to copy paste this for the rest of the day on these threads.
  11. So happy they cant do anything hahahaha
  12. :pity:
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