WrestleMania SHIELD face turn at Mania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Trip in the Head, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. I could see it happening with all the back and forth between Kane and the Outlaws. Seems like they are already on the path now. Do you guys think it will happen at Mania?
  2. they already seem like faces to me
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  3. They're already technically babyfaces...
  4. Oh ok, nevermind. I guess I didn't think it had fully happened yet
  5. Yeah haha I think they were starting to seem like faces too but I believe the match against Kane and NAO will be the icing on the cake.
  6. You can really tell the face turn was a "we have no idea what else to do with them now" sort of thing. I feel Shield deserves some big Wrestlemania moment. Whether it's a triple-threat between them, or a match that results in them splitting up there and then, or a face turn AT Wrestlemania, just something to reward them for what has been an incredible year. A feud with Kane and the NAO seems so boring and unfair. Every single person in the arena knows who will win.
  7. NAO asked to work with The Shield before they leave apparently. If you're friends with Hunter, you can get anything.
  8. I'm fine with NAO but fuck them.
  9. Really? Thought the original face turn was a "Lets give the fans someone to root for between them and the Wyatts" moment, and that went over so well that they did the "official turn" on Kane a few weeks ago. They're booking it perfectly and they deserve more credit for not doing something Vince always does: screw up babyfaces.

    I suppose having a match at Mania doesn't mean what it used to (as far as the "Lets pull out all the stops and make everything memorable" show so they won't care, but one of these guys really should have a big spot in the match that gets us talking for this to matter at all. Rollins taking some ridiculous highspot where we think he might drown. Ambrose simply losing his mind and beating everybody up. Reigns copying one of Edge's legendary spear spots like the one at 26...
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  10. Yeah, it was an organic turn. Reigns and Rollins were starting to be cheered at Rumble (all of them had been cheered by the workrate smarks all along, but.....) and they were teasing the split, but then the split didn't happen. And they were booked as the faces in the Shield/Wyatt match at ER. Chalk that up to, of all things, WWE paying attention to its fans.

    Now, of course, they are all but babyfaces. I figure this means that they stay together for another month or two as a face stable then they'll split Ambrose off so he can stay heel (and, I would suppose, become corporate) while the other two stay face. At this point, Ambrose is getting face cheers because of Reigns and Rollins more than anything he's doing, so it would work. Of course, they could easily book something to split off Ambrose sooner (hell, they could do it at Mania), but I figure they'll keep them together and give them some more face cred to help Rollins and Reigns break out even more over as singles studs than they already would.

  11. Personally, I think they've already made a face turn. When they decided to turn on Kane and take on an anti-Authority stance, I think that's when they started to look more face. From recent Raw and Smackdown episodes, it seems like the crowd is very behind them (even more than usual) so it doesn't seem to be harming them so far.
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  12. I personally thought they were face too.
  13. They're already faces at this point, as everyone has pointed out, yeah. I do feel like a match against Kane and the Outlaws at WM is a huge step down for the Shield even though I'm a big NAO fan, but maybe some cool spot takes place, at least. It could also be the stage for Ambrose's turn as wk said, I don't know. Them just beating Kane and the Outlaws is quite underwhelming, but I wouldn't be surprised. I thik there's a chance for something big to happen here, but it will probably just be a match with one or two fun spots. At least we'll get Road Dogg doing the intro, I guess. That's Always fun.
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  14. You and me are both probably hoping for too much from this match, but that's alright.


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  15. I'm not too upset about the Kane/NAO vs Shield feud. Do they deserve more, sure, but once it was obvious they weren't breaking up there wasn't much else for them to do. It made sense, as they had been the Authority's bitches in the past, so for them to then rebel against that as faces adds up in my book. Kane and the Outlaws are old as fuck, sure, but they know how to work a match and they will make sure the Shield shine. I hate overly predictable matches, but ultimately, what else was there for the Shield to do after the card started shaping up and it was obvious WWE wanted to keep them around as a face stable for a bit? Its a filler feud, which sucks at Mania, but it is fairly entertaining filler.

    Besides, they had their big Mania win over a bunch of 'badasses' last year. The Shield isn't going anywhere. Their feud with the Wyatts will be hard to top as a feud of the year and all 3 guys have bright futures, so it sucks that they got lost in the shuffle of this Mania season, but it happens.
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