Shield on SD - not on Raw

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  1. Why did The Shield lose on Smackdown and not on RAW? Does Smackdown not need the ratings?
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    It was to set up the PPV and sell the go home show. All six members of the match looked strong, with Orton, Kane and bryan looking the strongest. This by typical booking logic means that the Shield will all win at Payback tonight.

    It also spices them up. Since one can only go undefeated for so long before it gets boring. This opens up the tension and mystique of "will the win?" instead of just "how will they win?".

    It also helps the show. People that don't watch Smackdown often complain about nothing important happening on the show and the show not being important because of that. By letting important things happen on the show the shows status will itself grow with time.
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    It's about time that something spectacular happened on it because when I usually watch it, I end up skipping most of the show. This week, however, I watched all of it due to the fact that there is a PPV tonight.
  4. I tend to enjoy Smackdown since it is more wrestling based. With nice long matches. This last month or so they have been stellar on that front. This week's episode being a great example with two good matches in the tag main event and Sheamus vs Cesaro.
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  5. but are they going to keep it up thou cos raw is the better show
  6. Smackdown is a more relaxed environment than RAW. Vince doesn't care about it as much as RAW. These longer and good quality matches aren't nothing new to Smackdown. It's just that they have had a resurgence of top level talent recently.

    I remember a few months back when the Miz and Heath Slater put on a really good match on Smackdown. Enjoyed that massively.
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  7. But are they going to keep it up though because Raw is the better show? @Johnathan Cash please
  8. There's actually important things that happen on Smackdown now.
  9. This. Cesaro, Shield, Fandango, ADR, and plenty of great in ring players make smackdown the better show. I just skip the 20 recaps.
  10. What does the shield winning or losing on smackdown have to do with ratings? You think peole are going to say "oh, fuck that shield lost, i'm not watching" ?
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