Shield Recruitment Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Opening up recruitment for The Shield. I will be letting in only one person. There are only two requirements for admission:

    -No joint membership in Shield, so that means if you're in another group you'll have to leave your group or don't bother applying at all.
    -You have to be voted in by the majority of our current members.

    Get through that and you're in.
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  2. And we require nudes. :obama:
  3. Let more than one person tbh, We could use a few members.

    I was thinking DKJames may be interested
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  4. Come join us! :obama:
  5. I would but I'm too new. Need dat street cred
  6. Interesting... very interesting. The fact that you all have batman avatars is tempting me.
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  7. That reminds me, we need to have batman avatars as a temporary requirement.
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  8. Join us!
  9. Eh, why not. Once I'm told I'm accepted I'll apply and leave my other stuff I suppose.

  10. :urm:Don't do it bro. Join the nWo instead.

  11. :damnn:I obviously need more thinking time. (Btw your sig is amazing)
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  12. He says as he flaunts 3 other usergroups
  13. Hey guys, join AD if you don't want joint membership. Rules? There are no rules.

    *This message was brought to you by American Dragon owner, DANIELSON.

  14. He's already apart of American Dragons and Legacy.
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  15. HEY, no advertising your shit here!
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  17. Or what?
  18. Hey guys, join Legacy. There are no requirements or rules.

    Brought to you by Legacy owner,Suicide:emoji_wink:
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  19. The Shield is the XBOX One group of wweforums. Limitations, limitations, limitations. Be the best user you can be, and join me!

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    okay, i'm done
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  20. Or...or....:okay:
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