Spoiler Shield vs. Rhodes' from RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. Last night's match and the one at BG were both brilliant and enjoyable matches, but do we really want to see Goldust and Cody Rhodes as tag-team champions at this point?

    Cody is surely bigger than this and left a tag-team just a few months ago. I thought he was about to be given a push as a singles competitor after his great feud with Damien Sandow. And, I'll be honest, I have no interest in Goldust.

    Maybe it was time for The Shield to drop their titles, but what about putting them on The Usos, The Real Americans, The PTPs or Los Matadores?

    I guess this is part of the setup for Cody Rhodes vs Goldust at WM30.
  2. It's just for this feud, they aren't going to get a long reign or anything.
  3. I think they could eventually drop the titles to the Real Americans in a few months to set up Cody vs Goldust
  4. Prime Time Players need to be the next tag team champions.
  5. It's only a matter of time before Ambrose drops his title.... :emoji_cry:
  6. I have a feeling the Shield will end up winning the titles back.

  7. Only if HHH takes the titles of Cody & GD because of the Big Show thing.

    He could say the match should have been abandoned because Big Show is not a WWE employee so the No DQ rule is void.
  8. Yeah, I'm thinking the finish will somehow be reversed.
  9. They had a decent match against the Wyatts on SD too. Rhodes team is really getting dat push.
  10. Rhodes is gonna go heel and turn on Goldust, aligning with the authority
  11. I marked out yesssssssss finally the Shield lose their tag titles

  12. Goldust will turn if it's one of them.

    Cody just turned face a few months ago and is pretty over with fans atm.
  13. Bahhhh spoilers! Oh well. My own fault lol.
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