Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nikki Nitro, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. Together

  2. Seperated

  1. Together or Seperated?
  2. I prefer them as singles.

    I mean, they were great as a unit, but nothing can last forever and everyone going solo was the right call. And plus, they've done well for their careers since The Shield break-up.
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  3. Hmmmm. That's a tough one missing context. All three apart never felt nearly as cool as they did together. Keep saying Dean won the Shield breakup, and if that's the bar...

    But, I'm not too keen on a Shield reunion right now, either... Hmm
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  4. Obviously separated. But, lately, a nice shake up would be for them to be forced to reunite for like 2 months to battle a new foe or group. It would be insanely fun and draw ratings.

    Have a group from NXT step up as the new stable and have the sheild have to come back in order to try and stop them.
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  5. they pulled the trigger at the right time with the Shield break up. After their feud with evolution, there was nothing else to conquer as a team. What would have ended up happening is the same that happened to the New Day after losing their tag titles in December, which is slowly sliding to the side for a while and out of relevancy. So being separated was their last hope for something new and exciting. Both for the company and the performers themselves.

    And I also would hold the reunion off for a few more years. I mean, it would mean a lot if they do it now or next year but I see the Shield reunion more as one of their last acts rather than "just another storyline". Kinda like Evolution did in 2014
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  6. The Shield may have been the greatest faction WWE ever created from the ground up.

    Evolution's Ric Flair and HHH were well established prior to the group:s creation (and in Flair's case he was a huge star nationally before even going to WWE).

    There was nowhere to go but down, in many ways, for The Shield. They weren't stale, yet were at the apex of their popularity.

    Since then, Rollins has gone in and out of being repetitive and being surpassed ringwise by the likes of AJ Styles and Kevin Owens.

    Reigns is resented.

    Ambrose is taken for granted.

    In each case, the company is divided on each talent's worth while the fans would rather sit there and cheer WHAT is cool rather than WHO is cool.

    This wouldn't be the case, collectively (as a group) as they were the Musketeers back then. If one member were pushed, then all were pushed by association. Similarly, if one guy were cheered, then the other two would be cheered by association as well.

    The Shield was a nearly perfect phenomena. Today, though, each member has holes in their repertoire that can't easily be covered due to the overexposure.
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  7. For the majority of their careers... of course separated. I chose together, because right now the energy is there. They are clearly weaving them together in a creative way where they'll be forced to work with each other this year. All 3 Shield dudes together on RAW.... how can they NOT do a reunion?

    Fans want it. We believe in The Shield.
  8. I don't want to wait until they're 45 for a reunion. I want it now, and they're giving it to us now. Clearly we can all see the booking happening on television.
  9. How would anyone "win" the break-up? LOL... It's a storyline. How are they winning a story? All 3 have gone on to have WWE title reigns. They're all main eventers with their own history beyond The Shield. They have nothing to lose by working together again. Nobody is saying move backwards and make them a permanent fixture. They can easily do one or two more big 6 man tags though.