Shields promo from last night

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. Another solid promo from the shield. Ambrose keeps delivering and Rollins seems to be getting better. Like he is slowly finding his pace and voice, when you hang around great talkers and are willing to listen it tends to happen. Good to see some improvement if slowly. Even Reigns seems to be improving at a snail's pace.
  2. Spolier - Dat cellphone promo from tonight

    Ambrose great as usual, and Rollins was pretty solid too (though still a bit akward), Reigns was fucking lame here though.
  3. Spolier - Dat cellphone promo from tonight

    lol'd at Reigns in the end.
  4. Spolier - Dat cellphone promo from tonight

  5. Spolier - Dat cellphone promo from tonight

    He seemed out of place there. He should have kept quiet or punch a wall. Something like that.
  6. RE: Spolier - Dat cellphone promo from tonight

    Totally agree, Reigns should be he strong silent type. Rollins is finally finding his inner heel, great to see.
  7. Spolier - Dat cellphone promo from tonight

    Ambrose and Rollins work great together, Reigns is a little awkward though (BELIEEEEEVE IN THE SHIEEEEELD). He should really just be the silent bodyguard kinda guy.
  8. RE: Spolier - Dat cellphone promo from tonight

    I enjoyed this promo, like I normally enjoy the Shield's promo. Unlike normal however, it wasn't entirely because of Ambrose, Rollins was actually pretty good here. Reigns was terrible, but at least he got me laughing.
  9. Nice to see I'm not the only one thinking Rollins is finding his mic skills. And whilst I think Reigns is very slowly (read snail's pace) is finding his I agree that he needs to be the silent one. As someone on Wrestling inc said. The members of the Shield together make up a body. Reigns is the muscle, the brawn. Ambrose is the mouth and voice as well as half of the mind. Rollins is the other half of the mind of the Shield and also the spirit/heart of the group. I liked that likeness.
  10. Another good promo. I love them keeping their talking very limited and short and sweet. Never thought Rollins was that bad on the mic, and I agree that Reigns should be the strong silent type but yelling one time doesn't really subtract from that. Also, have they even explained yet why they've attacked Sheamus and Randy Orton? They've attacked Orton like two or three times now. And why did they attack Miz like twice now?
  11. Miz is for him "forcing" Punk into a lie detector test back after Survivor Series. Orton is because he squashed Maddox in one of those "Maddox gets a contract matches". Sheamus I have no idea. My guess is they will use the Shield to set Orton's heel turn up. Say round the rumble that the Shield attacks Orton, Sheamus makes the save chasing them off and Orton RKO's Sheamus because he doesn't need help.
  12. Oh yeah, forgot about the lie detector test. The reasoning for attacking Orton seems pretty weak but considering Orton is a former multi-time world champion, I can see them thinking Maddox having to beat him just to earn a contract would be unfair. I don't know about Orton turning heel yet since he's supposedly leaving soon to deal with a personal family issue, but if so, it'd likely be the result of Sheamus accidentally hitting him and costing him the match (Ryback/Orton/Sheamus-Shield, which is likely to happen soon) against The Shield. Probably around Elimination Chamber.
  13. Lmao Reigns comes out of no where wtf.

    Ambrose ftw.
  14. Laughed at Reigns, good promo though.
  15. How's Tyler doing?
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