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    First of all, would anyone be down for this? GrammarNazi82, Rainman, CrayJ Lee and myself all partook in the Shine 11 event and technically had a 'live' discussion on Skype while watching. I had a lot of fun and I wanted to see if anyone else would be down as well. The PPV starts pretty late (9PM US east coast time), so I'd imagine this working out like the NXT thread where the poster would provide a free link and it'd be up to the user when to watch it or not. I will provide a free link when the PPV actually happens. I'll be starting school around PPV time, so I just made the thread now before I forget. I also figure it can double as a SHINE 11 discussion thread should more people join in! I have also provided a free link to SHINE 11 in the 'Shine 11 Full Recap' spoiler.
    Shine Wrestling is an American, Florida based female independent professional wrestling promotion and holds events exclusively on internet pay-per-view.
    (Future available link to the PPV.)
    Was Saraya Knight Paid Off?
    Kimberly Has Major Issues
    Shanna Debuts
    SHINE VP, Lexie Fyfe, Addresses SHINE Champion Rain

    Shine 12 Roster
    Show Spoiler

    SHINE Champion - Rain
    Amazing Kong
    Angelina Love
    Jessicka Havok
    Mia Yim
    Mercedes Martinez
    April Hunter
    'The West Coast Connection' of Tracy Taylor & Su Yung
    Amber O'Neal
    Nikki Roxx
    Christina Von Eerie
    Brandi Wine
    Kimber Lee
    Brittney Savage
    Solo Darling

    Shine 11 Full Recap
    Show Spoiler

    SHINE 11: One Title. One Destiny.
    Or quickly catch up with spoilers:​
    Match #1 Fatal Four-Way: Mercedes Martinez, Nikki Roxx, LuFisto & Su Yung
    Roxx appears to be Daffney’s first client since reverting to a managerial role. The finish came when LuFisto capitalized on Roxx and Martinez brawling on the outside. LuFisto defeated Nikki Roxx, Su Yung and Mercedes Martinez after hitting Su Yung with the Burning Hammer.​
    Match #2 Fatal Four-Way: Amazing Kong, Ivelisse, Angelina Love & Kimberly
    Kong dominated early on, but accidentally hits Love with the Implant Buster after getting her eyes raked by Ivelisse, allowing Ivelisse to Superkick Kong out of the match and finish off Kimberly. Ivelisse defeated Amazing Kong, Kimberly and Angelina Love with a Code Red to Kimberly.​
    Match #3 No Count-Out: Havok vs. Sweet Saraya Knight
    The match went all over the place, as expected, with both women pulling no punches. A spot halfway through happened where Havok Piledrived Saraya onto the stage floor on the outside. The finish came when Saraya hit Havok in the head with a steel chair, forcing the ref to ring the bell. Saraya kept attacking post-match, needing to be dragged away by SHINE officials, and leaving Havok’s status – although victorious – up in the air. Jessicka Havok defeated Saraya Knight by disqualification.​
    Match #4 Quarter Finals - Leva Bates vs. Mia Yim
    Leva is dressed as black Spiderman. Both women treating each other with respect, as babyfaces and good friends, but both also giving their all in a match. The finish came after Yim kicked out of a Pepsi Plunge from Leva, and hit the high-risk German suplex variation for the win. The pair embrace after the match. Mia Yim defeated Leva Bates with a German Suplex from the second rope.​
    Match #5 Quarter-Finals - Rain vs. LuFisto
    Rain had control of most of the first half of the match, but a weary LuFisto came back into it only to be distracted by April Hunter, allowing Rain to roll her up for the win. Rain defeated LuFisto with a roll-up and a handful of tights.​
    Match #6 Quarter Finals - Ivelisse vs. Santana
    A back-and-forth exchange between the Ivelisse and Santana, which came to an end after Ivelisse avoided Santana’s Shining Star Press. Ivelisse defeated Santana with a roundhouse kick to the head.
    Match #7 Semi-Finals - Havok vs. Rain
    While Havok was limping to the ring, Saraya Knight followed her out and continued her attack with the steel chair. SHINE officials – including Lexie Fyfe – came to ringside to deal with the situation, and the referee began to count. Havok, however, could barely stand, and was counted out, giving Rain a free ticket to the final. Rain defeated Jessicka Havok by countout.
    Match #8: Semi-Finals - Mia Yim vs. Ivelisse
    Rain enters the ring while the referee’s back is turned, then as she rolls out, Ivelisse goes up to her only to be smacked in the face with a cast by Rain, thinking it’s Yim. Yim rolls Ivelisse up for the pin. Ivelisse is furious, and she and Rain argue in the ring briefly before leaving in a huff. It’s Mia Yim vs Rain in the final. Mia Yim defeated Ivelisse with a roll-up following inadvertent interference from Rain.
    Match #9 Finals - Mia Yim vs. Rain
    Mia Yim gave a great performance, but Rain’s experience pulled her through in the end, as she hit the Rain Drop for the clean pinfall. Interesting to see Rain win the match fair and square, as it adds a new layer of credibility to Valkyrie as heels. Rain, April Hunter and Ivelisse (Valkyrie) celebrate together. Rain defeated Mia Yim to become the first ever SHINE Champion!

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  2. I had a great time watching Shine 11 so I'd love to watch Shine 12 with all of you! I'm sure it would be a lot of fun again :obama:
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  3. Oh valkyries, pajama pants, raindrops, and all the other "things"... How we've missed you so...

    The 25th can't get here soon enough! Can't wait to discuss this crazy thing with the rest of you crazy people. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  4. If it's just gonna' be us four again, I can see if I can snag us a live thread option if we decide on a mutual time again.
  5. I may join just to see Ivelisse, she's perfect.
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  6. So far Leva Bates and Mia Yim are my faves, but I've only seen the last Shine. I may rewatch the Shines where Emma on NXT was in.
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  7. I don't watch, I just know that Ivellise is perfect. Seen her as Sofia Cortez in NXT and she had a match against Mia Yim at EVOLVE. I can't see Mia Yim without imagining Adam Cole halfway down her throat, that's all I know her for. Hahaha.
  8. Have no idea how or why Ivelisse was able to slip through the hands of both mainstream companies in under a year. What a shame.
    Why did Sofia get released? Why was Lei'd Tapa more desirable than Ivelisse? Why did Nazi and I complain in the LD about people wanting Ivelisse then when Lei'D offered more variety?
    (Well, it was because all the guys in there just wanted another pair of boobs to stare at on the roster, but looking back... not proud of that, haha.)

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  9. Of course you're not, you're a guy. :haha: I stand by my comments in the LD. :tough: The wrestling world needs more women who don't fit the standard mold that you supposedly have to be petite, stick-thin, gorgeous and have fake tits to kick some ass. I know I'm none of those things, so I like seeing women I can relate to up there proving they can wrestle with the best of them. Lei'D Tapa, for instance, is 5'11" and 30 years old. As a 5'9.5" 30-year-old woman, I'm going to prefer seeing her get a chance, but that's just me. /rant *putting away my handy dandy soapbox*

    Besides, I love Ivelisse in Shine. (I also love Shine because not all their women wrestlers fit the mold mentioned above.) I feel that she'll go through one of the bigger promotions eventually. She's talented enough to deserve a spot with them. If she never does, then hopefully she'll continue to do well on the indies. Her 5'4" 24-year-old self deserves it, dammit. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy watching her be all kinds of awesome on Shine. :yay:
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  10. Saraya Knight is still wrestling? Fucking hell.

    Will tune in, Maybe not live.
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  11. Yeah dude! Last Shine she essentially had a bar fight (there was a bar in the arena) with Jessicka Havoc (a wrestler who's a big powerhouse). It was awesome! Most of the match wasn't even in the ring, lmao
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  12. Your infamous penchant for sarcasm is the only thing keeping you alive right now. :tough:

    Ohhh, so you've got your own personal reasons. Can't argue with those, then. :emoji_slight_smile: Didn't know Ivelisse was that young! She's already this good, this quickly... wow. And she can wrestle different styles, fit into different roles, be unique in her own right, etc... but as you say you can't really duplicate Tapa's look. She can be something even more special with her size and uniqueness and stuff. *Meant to go on further but realized it was just rambling on and on just to cover my tracks for the above quote*

    And yeah, everyone's so unique here at Shine! That's the cool thing. Everyone has their fun little quirks about them. Wonder what drunk's gonna mess with Sweet Saraya this week? Maybe she'll drop him this time.
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  13. Umm.. WWE...

    But seriously, I'm pretty sure no one would even miss Rosa Mendez if they hire Ivelisse. :pity: Her name sounds so much cooler and less hoe-ish as well. :tough:
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  14. Thought I'd share since the first few matches have now been announced.
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  15. Ivelisse Velez is so good.
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  16. Updated the main post. :obama: GO IVELISSE! :yay:

    Weird, Lexie Fyfe didn't mention Mercedes Martinez. :hmm:
  17. Also, can someone explain to me the difference between SHINE and SHIMMER?! :why:

    They both almost have the same roster so it's like :dafuq: What's the point of having two companies (if they are two companies) if the roster is almost exactly the same?

  18. Not sure that she'll be in the #1 contenders match or another match.
  19. The SHINE promotion is associated with Shimmer. It's newer -- just started last year. Unless something has changed, from what I understand Shine's events are all iPPVs and take place between Shimmer tapings.
  20. Ah, so SHIMMER is the company and SHINE is the promotion? Makes sense. Though, I don't see why SHIMMER doesn't technically have website/merch and SHINE does. Makes it so confusing. :dawg:
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