Shingo Takagi - Japan only or a possible American success?

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    Shingo is one of Dragon Gate's hottest stars and was part of starting up DGUSA. He had some great matches in DGUSA's early days but has mostly wrestled in Japan for the last two years but is making his return to the states at Wrestlecon. Back in ROH's glory days we used to see Japanese talent come over from time to time and both major companies have a history of signing one or two Japanese wrestlers as well. Could Shingo if he ever parts with Dragon Gate be one of those guys who goes stateside?

    Let's look at him. He's pretty big for a Japanese guy and has a look unlike any other Japanese guy in American wrestling apart from a select few. Most Japanese guys who have been signed to the E or TNA have looked very bland and have thus often been stuck with comedy gimmicks (even Okada). Shingo however looks a bit too grim to be stuck with a gimmick like that I think. Could that save him from typical American booking of Asians if he would cross over?

    His moveset is also pretty darn devastating

    I could see American crowds get behind Shingo considering the moveset he has. I don't know how good he is at talking English though.

    So here are the topics.

    Do you think Shingo could make some kind of name for himself in America outside of the indy scene?

    Which company would you see him sign with? WWE, TNA or ROH?

    How would you like to see him booked?

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