Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Mar 28, 2014.

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    I'm not finding just a random discussion thread. So i made my own, a place to talk...anything. If a debate breaks out we can vote on shit and stuff. Enjoy the shitlist.

  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Bitch please, ma niggaz who think bitches like the Huffington Post need to die put em' up!

  4. wat
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  5. They've been posting shit about Workaholics and shit saying there the reason for growing immaturity and the REAL reason for American slackers and other shit. And they insulted
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  6. Who here would actually be interested in a comedy match?
  7. Well you must be Roadster. Name of the week eh?
  8. Ye.
  9. Dont eurofag quote me.
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  10. Stick with a name/gimmick already.
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  11. What ever you say, Count Fuckletron
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    shitlist on this forum

    the big lass
    nero the zero

    all play to an audience of one

    the bullying of brocklesnarfan, is getting out of hand as well lads. its all friverlous jokes, just disagree with the poor bird, no need for personal insults about the birds looks

    lets face it lads, most of you would kill for a kneetrembler with her, and would probably happily pay for a hand shandy of her.
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  13. Tgmi :yay:
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  14. that is something else, the trolling allegations

    you lot need to be more open to suggestion, and not dismiss stuff just because it does not hit your juice. box

    the humor on this forum does not hit my juice box, its all vacous like the 70's show, bbt and hey arnold, you lot need to work on your material more. will any of you run that through your greymatter? no
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  15. #1 Hey Arnold was GOAT
    #2 I agree 70% of all humor here are as worn out as how many times you say lad in a post. Also at least they aren't on a personal crusade against...HEY ARNOLD?
  16. Classic Tgmi trolling :yay:
  17. classic lilly livered atttitude
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  18. Modern Family fan?
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