Shockers of Raw 1000

Discussion in 'RAW' started by shrayan, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. For you what were the biggest shockers of WWE Raw 1000
  2. No stone cold steve austin

  3. what about punk's heel turn
  4. He didn't turn heel..... He's tweening

  5. AJ as GM/SCSA not showing up.
  6. THER MUZ!!!!!!!!
  7. AJ as GM, what a crap decision that is.
  8. AJ as GM and Miz won the IC were the biggest shocks imo.

    Punk's heel turn is not a shock, because I don't think it's a heel turn at all. I don't think it's anything more than a statement to the Rock for his RR challenge.
  9. :damn: :jbl: "WE really surprised Link!"
    :yay: yes you guys did
  10. Punk's heel turn surprised me. AJ as GM (:facepalm:) and Miz winning the IC title were also surprising, along with APA and Lita.
  11. AJ becoming GM didn't shock me, it disappointed me :sad:
  12. It shocked me, but of course, not in a positive way. I was also disappointed, but I must say it shocked me because I didn't see it coming.
  13. It seems many don't realise how good this is for D-Bry.
  14. I take it Daniel Bryan has turned heel now or something?
  15. I heard people talking about it a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was a joke.... :upset:
  16. He was already a heel, but I could see this being the beggining of a more aggressive side of Bryan being show on WWE TV.

    I didn't, so it was quite a surprise for me... but I know how you feel then.
  17. Really? I thought he was face until he lost his temper and then got aggressive and then I knew he was heel then.
  18. I think we were supposed to think "that lying bastard has something up his sleeve" when he proposed to AJ instead of "well, she's not ref anymore, no reason for him to marry her but love or such things" like most of us thought, which would lead in us not thinking Bryan turned face last week and has been a heel throughout the entire proposal and marriage. But he's been a heel since... RTWM.
  19. John Bradshaw Layfield dressed in his APA gear but his image looked all wrong now he has short hair which is a different colour
  20. My biggest shock was not seeing Stone Cold, but other than that it was Miz winning :emoji_slight_frown:.
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