Shocking return in 2013

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  1. Ok so we had Dwayne returning to WWE after 7 years in 2011

    Brock Lesnar returned to WWE the night after Wrestlemania 28 after 8 years in 2012

    Who could be the next shocking return for 2013???
  2. Ultimate Warrior
  3. Lil Jimmy's brother, Lil Johnny
  4. Deuce & Domino :gusta:
  5. Iron Sheik
  6. Earl Hebner
  7. The GOAT Bob Backlund (full time return winning the WWE title ofc)
  8. Maybe Austin.
  9. Aw shit.. How can I forget..

    ''Mr. Ass'' Billy Gunn.

    I'd mark so so so hard.
  10. The New age outlaws
  11. gotta say as a fan Stone Cold
  12. I am not sure if this counts as shocking, but Ric Flair is probably the most likely.
  13. I love you.
  14. if it wasn't for his Shoulder THE RATED R SUPERSTAR EDGE
  15. I can't wait tbh.. :gusta:
  16. neck* :pity:
  17. They are one of my favourite all time tag teams
  18. Flair would be awesome.
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