Shocking video of yet more American gun crime

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  1. I follow Piers Morgan on Twitter (yeah, sorry), and daily he talks about NEW gun shootings in America. Today he tweeted one with a video.

    No one died, it's not NSFW, but it's freaking scary to watch this guy try his best to get into the store to shoot them whilst they jump around like crazy trying to keep him out.


    If you're going to comment on the gun laws in America, please keep the debate civil.
  2. Well, that was nice blocking of the door.
  3. Looks like gang related violence to me. All of the guys inside had hoods on and their faces pretty much out of view, the guy shooting looked like he knew who he was shooting at. It doesn't look like a random shooting to me.
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  4. +1
  5. My Personal opinion is that guns should be for the Law and The Army. I don't see any reason why you would need a gun in the first place if you aren't either of the 2 jobs mentioned.
  6. Army is only for cleaning up. Marines need guns because when in war they are the first to go out. Navy needs it because they send in medics, and without guns they are going into the battle field unarmed. They all also need guns to protect the gates to the military bases, otherwise anybody can just zoom right pass them. I think gun laws are fit for all military and law enforcement.
  7. Well when I say Army, I meant all Military units. Sorry if that was confusing.
  8. I'd becareful talking like that if I were you :mad2:
  9. Or what BLED? but seriously or what? If you don't think I have respect for Soldiers I do. My dad was in the British army and served time in the Gulf war. :sad:
  10. Worst shit happens all the time.
  11. I think American gun laws are swell. We civilians need guns for protection and 2nd amendment and what not. Bear arms.
  12. I seriously don't understand Americans........

    It is the CONSTITUTION! You are allowed to own firearms and run a well regulated malicia in your area and also so you have protection in the case that your Government goes insane, power hungry and they need to be stopped.

    In my opinion America is most likely going to Civil War in the next year or 2. Why? Just have a look at gun and ammo sales. I can't remember the number for citizens but it is almost 800% HIGHER than what it was the month BEFORE Obama proceeded to announce his gun ban law. Not to mention the fact the Department of Homeland Security have bought over 1.6 BILLION rounds. What do you need 1.6 Billion rounds for? Remember this is HOMELAND SECURITY AND NOT THE ARMY/MILITARY. What could they possibly need that many rounds for? Are they planning on invading another country? Or are they preparing for when civil war comes to America. I don't believe Civil War will break out until the US Economy collapses which is almost 100% guaranteed and by then Obama wants to have ALL the guns . If you guys don't have guns you can't fight back. FEMA Camps have also been said to be opening in America again, what do they need the FEMA camps for?!

    Also Obama's main goal was "Change" it was his campaign in 2008 and from 08 - 12 he was changing and making the country better. Ever since his 2nd run as President he has been becoming a Nazi with over 40 Executive Orders! I thought America was a democracy? He's been using children as his way to get the gun ban and is profiting off the fact that CHILDREN were murdered. It's no longer "People kill people" it's "Guns kill people". Last time I checked it was a human pulling the trigger.

    I believe Obama may very well be the next Adolf Hitler.

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  14. I actually giggled reading that on my phone. So the economy is collapsing and Americans are going to kill other Americans due to potential laws based on guns. Seems likely.
  15. There more shit going on I just got lazy and stopped typing :3

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  17. Guys, what's the difference between a pedophile and a jewish pedophile?

    If you get this right you will unlock the secrets to life.
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  19. I have so much to type but i cba on my phone.
  20. Yes, I'm sure a few rednecks with guns will be able to stop an Army of trained soldiers, if it ever really came down to the Government vs. the people :pity1:
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