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  1. Because I know Crayo will forget again, I'll just post it here.

    A few days ago I wanted to change my user to something else, so I tried to buy the username. It so happens that the name was already taken but it charged me for the name change anyway.

    I don't know if anyone really cares enough to fix that because I don't care much myself about it :haha: considering there are bigger things to be more concerned about right now and I'm fully aware of that. This is just sort of a warning to everyone to double check the name you're about to buy.

    I'd also like $10 refund because I tried changing it twice. :urm:
  2. Maybe a good idea is to make a thread to request usernames, if it's available there may not be problem, if not, you'll have to think in another name
  3. Lol oops forgot to refund you like days ago. Done.

    The only usernames banned are Sky and Stopspot. Users should know that stealing those names obviously would not be allowed, and doing so could risk you losing your cash.
  4. Why sky?


    And crayo?
  5. Banned usernames? :hmm:

    so if a well-known member changed their name to something, no one can take their original name?

    Ah,well, that makes sense since that would be so confusing. :upset:
  6. Normally it's reserved to staff, but it can apply to well known members yeah. It's to stop confusion and drama. I'm not sure why anyone would want to use a name someone else has famously used anyway.
  7. Sky- is Xanth's other name he uses I think, Crayo is banned I think yeah.
    It's mainly for Staff if a new member signed up and every thing said to PM Stopspot for support and you had that username would you want to get his PMs / would you be able to help them? Chances are you could with a site issue but if it's a post needs deleting or something you can't.

  8. Adding Crayo now. That was close :damnn:

    Xanth was known as Sky at one point, and loves the name... I'll probably remove that though since he never uses it here any more.
  9. What about buying names for NP? Like for 10 NP I buy rodrigo. Max 2 per user
  10. Gotcha. :smug:
  11. Nope. All good names would end up being taken.
  12. Then it would be like Runescape where any possible combination of letters is impossible to get so you're forced to use numbers in your username. :dawg:
  13. Crayola6425
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  14. NVM got my answer.
  15. The now.. I could change my name to aids Johnson or Jonathan
  16. :lol1:

    Name change. :obama:
  17. Or dat kid from jersey
  18. Please don't. :sad:

    I only just now understand who everyone is since almost everyone changed their name recently. :upset:
  19. I'm rodrigo . I got bored of my username.. Might change back to rodrigo in a couple of months. If any user gets my name :upset:
  20. You can't use seabs either. I tried doing JJ Seabs and it did't allow me.

    Could you add Jonathan to the list please :3
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