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  1. For a long time now I've wanted to add a shop like we had on MyBB so we can spend the forum cash we earn on the site. Please post your suggestions of what you can buy below. I'll consider them all.
  2. What about Usernames and Usertitles?
    One month legend memberships? (this should be really expensive and also may increase the activity, and if they like how it's like they may buy the lifetime membership)

    I don't know what else... I'll think about more things I'd like to buy and may be interesting.
  3. Smileys
    Outlines around usernames
    Different coloured usernames
    Change username
    Change user title
    More sig space
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  4. Smilies
    Certain awards
    Group changes like userbars and name changes
  5. You could have additional features for groups. Example a subforum for the group forum, more group exclusive awards.
  6. I like the idea. We could personalize our profiles more, like change our username colour, font style, etc.
  7. usernames getting pretty bored of mine need a change
  8. Being able to change our username color and legend banner color would be awesome.
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  9. Custom legend color bar!!! Well... you can give us a few options to pick from. I am over this uggy yellow/piss gold color.
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  10. THIS! :angry:
  11. Legend banner colour changing is impossible. I've given legends so many chances to change their colour, but it always ends up with Gold being the colour the majority want, or not being able to decide definitively what new colour you want.
  12. Gold makes the most sense for Legends, IMO. So many people would take advantage of the color changing as well. A new color for every day of the week :urm:
  13. What about being able to change the color of are username?
  14. I'll put that in. There is a setting. I'll probably make it really expensive and only for a week, since I don't want a rainbow coloured users-online box, lol.
  15. homophobe
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  16. As long as I get to change my color to purple and keep it that way I'm fine. :gusta:
  17. We should be able to buy smiley's, user bars (Like the one I have that says "the brood" we should also get to name the user-bars ofcourse and get to pick the colors.) Change our user titles, and more sig space.
  18. He said it would only be for a week.
  19. The ability to change the featured wrestler in the header (where DB currently is).
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