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Discussion in 'RAW' started by DGenerateToAwesome, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Hey, has anyone noticed that Raw has Shorter Matches then Smackdown? Look at the length of the matches. You will notice that Raw has shorter length matches then Smackdown.
  2. It is true.
  3. Because RAW has to fit in all the extra drama bullshit that Smackdown doesn't need.

    Also, welcome to the forum buddy/ Enjoy yourself.
  4. Thx dude can u tell me how to change your sig
  5. Up at the top near the Messages and LogOut link, click on USER CP. Then on the sidebar, click on Change Signature.
  7. Cant see it can u also donate me some cash so i can upgrade to superstar
  8. No.

    Click this.
  9. You need at least 10 post before you can create your own signature :pity:
  10. Pro-Tip that i totally forgot about :serious:
  11. Raw's match length sucks
  12. Thx guys for all the help.:jeritroll:
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