Should Andy Kaufman get a spot in the HOF?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Title says it all. Jerry Lawler recently said in a interview with theScore that he feels that comedian Andy Kaufman deserves a spot in the WWE hall of fame. Kaufman, a fan of wrestling since his childhood days. Worked a program with Lawler in which he started ridiculing wrestling during his shows and wrestled women. He declared himself inter gender champion of the world. This lead to Lawler calling him out for ridiculing the sport and challenging him to a match in the Memphis indie scene. The most famous part of this rivalry took place on late night with David Letterman when both men were guests and started fighting on set.

    The Lawler Kaufman feud was considered legit beef until a documentary and interview with Lawler in 95 revealed that it was all a work and Lawler and Kaufman were good friends. This was ten years after Kaufmans death.


    The Letterman fight:
  2. I don't think celebrities should be inducted into the HoF, but since they do it and Drew Carey got in, Kaufman deserves it (in WWE standards).
  3. Fuck the celebs getting HoF spots.
  4. Andy Kaufman was not just a random celebrity, folks. Educate yourselves. And since WWE's HOF is just a piss poor gimmick that means nothing anyway, I say let it happen, so what. We've seen much worse things happen in that Sesame Street Wrestling company.

    And Andy Kaufman was motherfucking awesome.

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  5. If they are going to let Mike Tyson In then Andy definitely should be in. Like Joe said. Educate yourself folks. Even if there was a legit Wrestling Hall of Fame Andy Kaufman would deserve to be in it.
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  6. I don't see how personally. I'm a strong believer of the HoF being the absolute pick of a wrestlers career.
  7. Kaufman is considered one of the reasons wrestling became mainstream. When Kaufman and Lawler worked their program Kaufman was at the peek of his career and did comedy tours all over the country. One of the most watched comedy shows of all time and major Hollywood movies. Kaufman is considered one of the factors that made wrestling sports entertainment.
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  8. This man knows stuff. Kudos. :nod:
  9. I never knew he had that much of an impact (if he did, I'm a man who prefers factual evidence). If so then Jerry is right he does belong.
  10. Tyson was one of the highlights of the attitude era. and always will be. and has been said many times that that confrontation started the attitude era. plus, tyson is one of the best boxers in his prime. tyson is always an exception in anything that happens.
  11. yeah he definitely does belong
  12. Educate yourself. Did you read the posts made by me, Goldust and Joe? Andy is considered one of the reasons wrestling is mainstream today. He is considered one of the fathers of sports entertainment.
  13. whatever you say. hes just some random guy ive never heard of so I could care less.
  14. #kidsthesedays #IfeeloldandI'monly21 :upset:
  15. how the hell do you not know him


  16. People started watching at different times bro :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. true

    but even I know about Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler
  18. It's a made-up hall of fame that's nothing more than a figment of Vince's imagination.
  19. Sammartino, Backlund and Savage aren't in the Hall of Fame, but Drew Carey and William Perry are there. It could be better.
  20. I think some are overrating Kaufman's importance in giving birth to 'sports entertainment.' Even so, he should be in the HOF. They have a celebrity wing, and some far less deserving people have gotten in there already (that goes for the HOF in general) so put him in there and get Lawler to induct him.
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