Should Bo join up with Bray?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solid Snake, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. Saw a video on this, did not watch it but I thought this would be interesting.

    Given that both guys are kind of stuck and Bo is looking more and more like a crazy hillbilly, why not team them up? They can be a tag team or just in a group together where one can always be there for the other. Now I am not a fan of Bray, specially after what he did to his wife but his personal life aside, I think this can help him out and help Bo in the process.

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  2. In my humble opinion, it's a given and even perhaps long overdue. The fact of the matter is, Bray has been booked poorly ever since the Wyatt Family broke up and even when he supposidly got the big push with the WWE Championship on Smacdown, well, we all know how that went...

    The way I see it, this is a two birds with one stone situation type of deal because you can have Bray be the leader of the (new?) family and Bo Dallas becomes relevant at the same time. As a matter of fact, why not even make it three birds with one stone by adding Curtis Axel in the mix? Talk about taking 3 guys that are practically doing nothing and make them a very relevant unit for days to come.

    Now, granted, Dallas and Axel have been currently paired with the Miz and if Maryse is indeed taking time off, all of this will basically remain fantasy talk, it yesterday already...
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  3. They can be the TRUE Wyatt family because they are brothers as well. Make something of it. Have Bo do a ritual. Make it cult heavy like the Wyatts used to be. And that Miz angle will be short lived, I am sure. They are doing it because they have nothing for Bo or Axel. Bo already looks the part so let it happen already!
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  4. Absolutely....

    And if you really want to have fun with this, how about later down the road at some point they add a...female in the group whom they introduce as Sister Abigail. Who cares if Randy Orton burned out the house, Bray is God and he...resurrected her for all we care. This was actually an idea talked about a couple of years back and I actually remember one of the names that started floating around for such a scenario being Victoria. If WWE were to ever bring her back, talk about a perfect fit.

    Even if you don't want to go that far, still pairing up the brothers is the absolute best WWE could do right now in order to help them and lord knows they could both use it, especially Bray...
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  5. might as well they aren't going very far alone.
  6. I'd like that, Bo is actually pretty good as a wrestler and entertainer, his NXT matches were good as far as storytelling and such. So i'd be all for it. Anything to have them be relevant again.
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  7. Yes...Yes he should...
  8. I'm going to say no. I love Bo, and even though I'm not a fan of the whole JoJo thing, I love Bray too, but I honestly can't see this working well at all. Of course they'll have chemistry, but with guys the The Hardy's, The Revival, and Sheamus & Cesaro, could you see these two really getting anywhere near the go- er, silver? I think Bray could be an amazing Universal Champion by beating Finn Balor for it, and Bo could be a great Intercontinental Champion after, I don't know, a fatal four way between Ambrose and the Entourage goes wrong with Bo pinning Miz. I get that this stuff will probably not happen, but in my mind, just throwing them together pisses away that glimmer of potential for the two, because I can't see Bo getting any further in WWE or Bray ever getting back into the main event post Rotunda Family
  9. I actually thought of this A few months ago but they were on different shows at the time...I agree with most comments posted already but I think they could be a good tag team for awhile establish a new Wyatt family and let them run wild on Raw....Bo is looking the role and his intensity is on another level.....If it ever was a time to pull the trigger on Bo it's now if you ask me.
  10. No. Bray should go to Lucha Underground, they could do wonders with him there.

    As far as Bo goes, I think he's going to be fine with The Miztourage. Hell, they might even give them the tag titles in a few months.
  11. Fuck no, frsnkly.
    Bo has a chance to set himself apart with Miz and Axel. It's the meatiest thing they've given him yet.
    Bray is the kiss of death. He's the same boring promo every week for the last 5 years. He's so damaged now, I think all you'd do is hurt Bo by making that association.

    Bo has a great intensity right now that can translate into success. He's younger and has far more upside in the long run than Bray.
  12. Bo is stale. They can't do anything with Bo at the moment, unless Vince McMahon lets him use the same gimmick or run he had when he started in NXT. Right now, I can't even take Bo seriously. And he's a good wrestler, but is he entertaining? No, not to me. Either give him a new gimmick, or go with the style he had in NXT.
  13. He's a heel. His job is not to entertain you. It's to be a heel.
  14. But it's not working on the main roster, dude. That's the thing. Roman Reigns is currently a genuine heel. He's gathering a lot of heat right now, and Bo isn't doing SHIT as this heel character he has right now. He needs a different kind of heel character.
  15. Roman isn't a genuine heel or a babyface. He's just Roman Reigns. He has equal qualities of both. He talks shit sometimes like a heel, but he never backs down in a fight just like a babyface. I could go on, but that's not the point.

    Bo and Axel just began being heaters for Miz about 2 weeks ago. It hasn't even gotten off the ground, and you're telling me it doesn't work on the main roster? You're capable of discerning these things in 2 weeks? Wow, that's incredibly perceptive of you.
  16. Every time I see him, I don't get any kind of reaction from the crowd. It's fucking silent.

    And in my opinion, from my perspective, he hasn't done anything worthwhile, but last Monday, Enzo was on fire with that fucking promo. What has Bo done? Nothing!


    That right there is fucking classic. I wasn't even interested in Enzo, but he's got my attention with that promo.
  17. You're right. As a heater for a star, Bo should've dropped the same level of promo that Enzo did. Because this is all apples to apples. That makes PERFECT sense.....
  18. Why are you being a casshole? Bo currently isn't entertaining. Okay? Agree to disagree or just leave me the fuck alone...


    Just put Bo in entertaining storylines or book him right, because right now, his heel run right now? It's not working in my humble fucking opinion! Put him in with Bray and be this genuine heel. There ya go. Boom.
  19. No.

    Just no.

    This idea pops up about once a year and the answer is no
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  20. I always said Bo would of been a great addition to the Wyatt family. He could of been the perfect annoying cheating to win character lacky. Always coming in at just the right time with a distraction or a cheap move behind the refs back to get Bray the win.

    Bray and Bo as a 2 man tag team could be interesting as well. The could go by the Wyatt Brothers I guess? They both are kind of lost with no direction currently. I don't think Miz needs a stable, he's good on his own, or just with Maryse. Bo and Bray could make a cool tag team for sure.