Should Brad Maddox get a contract?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by True Warrior, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. Should Brad Baddox get a WWE Contract? WHY or WHY NOT.
  2. Yes. Because he's the future Jericho! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  3. Lolno.. I've seen some matches of him in FCW. He was a tag-team with Ziggler's bro Briley Pierce. He bored me to death to be honest.

    I am sorry but: ''Future Jericho''? My ass.
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  4. Uncle Jose... :((

    I've seen how he work in FCW, and I thought his mic skills were exceptional. Though his wrestling skills kinda needs polishing, I think he'll be a future Jericho sooner or later
  5. Sure, honey..


    Come on now.. Future Jericho? If he'd be a future Jericho, he should be on the mid-card right now.. Not being a referee.
    His looks are good, I'll give you that.. But he needs a lot of work.
  6. :haha: No really. [​IMG]

    He doesn't even deserve to be a ref. Why? Because he did a devastating low blow on Ryback just because of a dang contract. Get ready for him to get smashed by Big Hungry!! :smug:
  7. Yes, because it's pretty silly not to at this point.
  8. You honestly think he's able to beat Ryback?




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  9. Lol not cleanly ofc, nice post though :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  10. He is basically set up to win. Dirty but still win
  11. Ryback is gonna kick someone's ass.
  12. The WWE logic dropped in while responding..
  13. Don't "honey" me! :((

    Have you even watched him? He has this Zack Ryder thing going on, same time Zack started Z!TLIS. He's awesome.

    :(( I like Ryback, I really do. But Maddox is a ref that you can't hate, even if you try to.
  14. He's alright, he has the look and can sell like a boss. Other then that he's not really impressive.
  15. :upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset:
  16. Real High Quality post right there :badass:
  17. I'm devastateddddd... Cut a Brad Maddox Girl some slack?
  18. I guess he'll stay in FCW for some more time now.
  19. To be fair I was impressed at how well he sold Ryback's offence.
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