Should Brands/Draft return?

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  1. Should the brands of Raw and Smackdown return + the WWE Draft? If you think it should write down why.
    I think the WWE brands should return because WWE stars didn't have to work as much as they do now, and I always loved the draft to be honest. If the brands returned the IC title and the WHC could be more so revived because we could focus on those titles for one show, and the WWE and US on the other show. Maybe for main feuds or big stables they can be free agents people like Shield, DB, Orton, RVD .etc
    Let me know what you guys think!
  2. I think they should bring is back.
    Past draughts were awesome and a new one would certainly be a breath of fresh air.
    The WHC has lost its credibility and its not that saught after since the two brands merged. So i hope maybe we could see decent rivalries if the draught does get braught back.

    I love the idea.
  3. Ohh yeah with the draft returning NXT superstars might be able to debut via the draft! maybe a seperate 4 man NXT lotto during the show 2 for Raw 2 for Smackdown!
  4. Draft for WWE should return. Always fun to see roster changes as well as pushes to those who deserve em
  5. Hell yeah, a NXT 4 man lotto for brands would work too.
  6. As long as Bo Dallas dont get put in there.

    He sucks.
  7. I am fine with or without the draft.. problem is WWE's lazy ass style of booking is the problem with the product, not if there is/isn't a brand split.

    the same problems within the product now were still present before the brand split disappeared.
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