Other Should Brie Eat The Pin?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Oct 1, 2018.

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    In the match of Ronda and the twins vs the Riot Squad, should Brie eat the pin from Liv?
    It would be a bit of fan service in a way and also a means of apologizing for the mistake to Liv.
    Do they have to do it? No, but I think they should. I think the fans will give positive feedback for it.

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  2. Anyone thinking The Riott Squad winning is already the wrong way to think for we all know Ronda and the Bellas are going to win. Though if they do lose Brie should and shouldn't eat the pin from Liv, if she is cleared but I doubt it. Let me explain. Should Brie eat the pin? Yes, mainly for fan service so that everyone will put down their pitchforks and torches and because it would be humbling and apologetic in a way. Now, on the flip side, Brie shouldn't eat the pin mainly because as I mentioned before accidents happen and she did apologize for what happened. The only reason why people want Brie to eat the pin is that everyone hates her.
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  3. Yes, but not because of the injury

    We need heat between Nikki and Ronda for Evolution, we can do that by someone messing up and costing the team the win. Can't have Ronda lose though, and you shouldn't have the challenger lose. You do have a perfectly good Brie available to eat a pin, though. Plus, Riott Squad winning opens up a new challenger for post Evolution, which considering how shit the Raw women's division is, they need
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  4. I actually like Brie a lot more than Nikki... also, I hate WWE. lol

    I think for fan reactions and what not, it would be good. It won't be Nikki or Ronda... I don't think anyways.
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  5. I like a Brie as a person more than Nikki, but that is because Brie doesn't have fake tits, is more down to Earth, and is simple. I hate WWE with a passion especially now, but that is neither here nor there.

    I agree the fans would explode over it and act like the second coming of Jesus Christ has just happened. Also, Brie would make the best choice as Nikki is protected and Ronda...well she is Brock Lesnar Protected.
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  6. Riott Squad should not go over in that match.. Ronda is not going to lose a match at a pointless show like this.. even if she's not pinned... I don't see how Liv pinning Brie does anything here.

    Nikki can attack Ronda after the match if they want to set up this stupid match at Evolution.
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  7. Yes...

    Liv should do it while sitting on her face.
  8. Omg yes
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  9. Oh...I just read that back...

    & Brie doesn't really deserve that honor.