Should Bryan and Orton have been fined?

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  1. It was revealed this week that both were fined due to the chair shot to the head on Bryan before his suicide dive. Should this have been the case? Do you agree with the fining? My initial thoughts after watching it was that it was an accident, but I'm unsure if it was now.
  2. Definitely don't think that was accidental. Just can't imagine how else that counter would've gone with that setup. So yeah, I think they should've been fined. Glad as hell they did that though, twas my favorite spot of the match.
  3. I cant decide as if two performers are aware of the risks and are certain they wont injure each other surely it is there choice whether to take a head shot safely?

    The whole watering down of move-sets is questionable to me yes its for safety reasons but you wouldn't watch a magician or circus who watered down the product so much.

    Or if in American Football, Rugby they turned it into tag football, rugby on safety grounds.
  4. Was HHH not the one who made the decision to fine them? If that is the case then I can't imagine they were fined very much.

    From WWE's point it makes sense, they need to be seen doing something about chair shots because of Benoit's death and the fact chair shots are often blamed for his mental state. So yeah, they'll have fined them a miniscule amount I reckon, just so they can be seen to be implementing their rule. That's fair play I guess.
  5. Well, there's a rule against chair shots to the head and there was a chair shot to the head, so it makes sense.
  6. Think Orton said it was quite a lot. Quite ironic really.

  7. Sucks if he's being honest. You'd think HHH would have some sympy for them at least.
  8. For the sake of upholding the policy against chair shots to the skull, then I think a fine is fair. Though I wonder if Bryan should be fined if he didn't know he was gonna be smacked with a chair. If they're being fined, we can assume that an agent backstage likely didn't think of the spot themselves (though didn't someone get into a heap of trouble earlier this year for allowing some dangerous spot to take place in the ring that pissed Vince off?), so it's possible that Orton improvised it himself and Bryan didn't know it was coming. I guess this would be irrelevant to bring up though since if it WAS the case, Orton would take all responsibility on himself.
  9. Can the spot be safely done if both guys aren't in on it? Seems to me like DB had to of known to change up his suicide dive.. Common sense dictates to me that you would dive differently if you were going to be caught by someone a few feet from the apron as opposed to being smacked in the head with a chair as you go through the ropes.
  10. Nah, Goldust (agent) was the one that got canned by it. Nothing happened to PTP (the ones who did the spot, if this is the one you're talking about).

  11. I went back and watched it again. It's obvious he slowed down momentum as he approached Orton and ran into the chair shot since he falls right back into the ring. I remembered him being smacked over the head in mid air and falling to the outside of the ring after being hit.

    I don't even remember what the spot was, though hearing Goldust getting canned as an agent for allowing it does ring a bell.
  12. I think they tried doing the Road Warrior's old finisher and they ended up spiking Tatsu.
  13. They are professionals who know the rules. They broke a rule and they knew there would be consequences. So yes, being fined was in order.
  14. It was a Double Powerbomb (Titus held him up and Young jumped from the corner and pushed him down), but they botched it and spiked Tatsu on his head iirc.
  15. Here in the States people are paranoid as hell when it comes to concussions, with all the issues going on with the NFL and whatnot.

    It's great PR to just say "Hey, we won't stand for this :tough:", so that's what they did.

  16. Live disucussion thread
  17. Orton knew it had to be done for a feud like this. Alls I can say is thank you Orton for that mark out moment because I definitely loved that spot. But like Catwomen said they are in fact professionals so they knew the consequences.
  18. I don't agree, but see why they did it. We are not in that era anymore.
  19. Yes, yes they should. They knew the rules, everybody does about chair shots. Whether I like them or not, they break a rule and they need to pay for breaking that rule,
  20. that's just al load of BS, in the past they've allowed chairshots to the head, no problem for me, they are trained to take a beating:aries:
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