Royal Rumble Should Bryan win the Rumble?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. I'll explain why I think thought it would be possible this year.
    1. Daniel Bryan has been booked as a star this past year. They clearly have faith in him as a worker, and a performer in the main event. The fact they booked him over John Cena - even though he was going out to repair his elbow - cleanly is proof of that. No one goes over Cena cleanly.
    2. The guy is the most over guy on the roster. We used to say "this guy is like the #2 most over guy behind Cena", but now we can categorically say Bryan is the most over guy in WWE by a country mile. It's not even close. Plus, it's a much more competitive roster than it was years ago. You have Lesnar, Batista, Cena, Orton, Punk, Shield, Wyatt's, Sheamus, and many more; he's more over than all of them.
    3. It would MAKE SENSE. The guy is the ultimate underdog and was legitimatly screwed by The Authority. He has since taken a side-story but has still shown that the bigger feud with The Authority is still there by making slight references to them occasionally regarding how he's being held down by the machine. What would be a bigger pay off to a well-built story regarding the machine holding down an underdog loved by everyone than winning the Royal Rumble against the odds and winning at Wrestlemania? What bigger and LOUDER Wrestlemania moment can happen? What bigger statement at Wrestlemania can be written?
    4. Regardless of whether he's as big as a draw as the bigger guys, it doesn't matter. You can still book the big guns like Cena, Batista, Lesnar, and Undertaker without having them be in the title match. You can easily book Cena vs Undertaker - a match many people want and would buy into - and have Bryan face off against Lesnar (can do anything with Batista). Why would this work? Brock is a fucking monster who has gone over the likes of HHH and Punk cleanly. What better superstar could you use to promote the underdog story? Imagine how fucking incredible that feud would be given the two massively clashing styles between two fantastic ring workers. THIS has the MOST potential to be the BEST Wrestlemania moment, right? Can you honestly tell me anyone in the crowd or at home wouldn't be screaming during this match?

    I can not see ANY reasons to not have Bryan win the Rumble. I think this could be a fantastic debate or discussion, so please keep this HQ. Do you think he should win the Rumble, and do you think he might?
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  2. I don't think he is even in the match based on the promo he cut last night.
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  3. Dolph's is gonna disagree all day, but they're out of their minds if they let anyone else win. Out of their MINDS.
    Just to throw him a bone Reigns would probably be my 2nd choice (barring a random Jericho win for the lulz) but think even D'Z would prefer if he goes after Kane's record. Saw someone else post this, but how awesome would it be for Reigns to be an elimination machine? Dude can take out 11 people then eliminate Kane to get his record.
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  4. Well there is this whole situation where we don't know if he will be in it or not because of his match with Bray. So then that led me to believe that CM Punk would win it, then again he is the #1 spot now... He could still win, but the other two people I think could win it are Batista and Roman Reigns. Or we could get the shocker of a life time and someone else that hasn't been mentioned could win it. There are 30 guys after all, it's anyone's match to win.
  5. Assuming he's not in the match, and again, if you listen to the wording of his Raw promo he clearly has no intentions of entering the RR, how DUMB does Dick Butt look by forfeiting an opportunity to ME Mania just for a match with Bray. typical nonsense booking
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