Should Celtic Vipers become an official tag-team?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. With a bit of tweaking they could probably make the tag-team division more prestigious, and it keeps both of them out of the main event whilst looking strong. The break up writes itself with Orton wanting to turn heel, and affiliating Sheamus with someone who is actually over in Orton could do great things for his face character.

    What do you think?
  2. Give them the titles at least It's logical, it'll keep the titles relevant (hate all you want who's been more dominant than these two over their careers on the roster currently bar Cena?) The heel team they go over could be great too.
  3. To make Orton heel, I'd say yes please!
  4. No, they shouldn't. After WrestleMania have them both accuse each other for the cause of lose, but Randy Orton turns heel as a result of it. I don't see any chemistry or anything that would make think they're an official tag-team as they'd be completely bland.
  5. I'd mark quite a bit for that, it would make the tag division more prestigious than it has been for years. Of course WWE would be smart enough to give the eventual rub to a younger heel team as well wouldn't they (damn, if only the Ascension were still around)?
  6. It might be an idea for a while till after WM but then again thats only 20 nights away now or something like that so is it worth it? Maybe if it was a continued storyline for awhile after WM then it could work out fantastically imo. Keeps them both fresh whilst not in the title hunt. As people say could be used to bring some prestige back to the division and the belts. Could help get some younger tag team talent over and bring the division up to par as to where it should be imo.
  7. Sounds like a really bad Basketball team...
  8. Haha! :lol1:
  9. 2 of the 6 biggest men in the business right now holding the Tag Titles?
    That would even make the WHC look bad.
  10. Absolutely not because they're going to want to go fro the tag titles eventually and they're going to fuck up the division more than Air Boom did. Not to mention that they're both super saiyans, they would never lose.
  11. How does two of the biggest faces in the company holding the titles fuck them up :mad2:
  12. That's what most would think, but then it no longer becomes a division, it just becomes Orton & Sheamus beating people. I'm not saying it's not like that now with Team Hell No, but they're way more entertaining than Sheamus & Orton.
  13. Yes. YES. YEEEEEES.

    Amen to dat ladies and gentlegays. I want this to happen. Orton is misused by Creative, and this would be a good step to make him heel.
  14. They have to drop it eventually and you must admit champions looking good = good for the title right?
  15. Yes I agree with you, but there are other ways to make champions look good without constantly winning all the time. One of the reasons Hell No is successful is because they have scenarios to play off of, where as Celtic Vipers I could just see being in matches and just winning. I guess they would try to do promos, but we both know neither of em are that great at it, especially Sheamus. Team Hell No also had those hilarious segments. I think the teaming of those two were perfect and I just don't see it with Orton and Sheamus, since they don't compliment each other as one being the mic guy and the other being the great wrestler.
  16. Please no, Prime Time Players need that gold!
  17. It's the opposite of the Rhodes Scholars imo. Biggest complaint with RS was sticking 2 of the more entertaining guys on the roster together when they were really struggling to fill time on a 3 hour Raw. They really need Rhodes and Sandow to make separate segments entertaining.

    With Sheamus and Orton's TV time all rolled up into one segment, that's one less unwatchable segment on the show! :yay:
  18. No. Please... no. I understand the concept of one crappy segment instead of two but it's too much crappiness, smiley-faciness and boring...ness when they team up. Considering they always win and would bury the division, while losing the titles (if they won them) in a Russo-esque finish not putting anyone over I'm sure. So no.
  19. They wrestle well together, however I find their individual characters to be bland. If they worked a bit more on their work as a tag team then I could see it working out well. They could add some great attention to the tag team division with two popular Superstars pairing up together for the title.
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