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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. the Intercontinental Championship and break The Honky Tonk Man's record of having held it for 454 days? It's a record that still stands, and unlike Bruno or Backlund or Hogan's record of holding the WWF Championship for years and years, this is a record that could still be broken in this day and age. IMO, it's a really strong way of pushing Cesaro as the newest Paul Heyman Guy right off the bat (although it would take over a year for him to set the new record), and one that has the productivity of giving Cesaro a slow-burn push to the top rather than the "He's talented and over! Push him to the world title now!" knee-jerk reaction that I see in a lot of places. I mean, think about it. Brock Lesnar just broke the streak. I realize HTM's record for being the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time isn't quite as distinguished as Taker's 21-0 record was, but it's still a record, and one that's lasted for over two decades. If Cesaro wins the Intercontinental Championship and then breaks HTM's record, that will allow Heyman when the time comes to tout about how his newest client (assuming Heyman hasn't added any new clients by then) has now smashed a record that went unbroken for 27 years, thus further proving what an eye for talent Heyman has and how people almost always prosper under his managerial services.

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  2. He is above that shitty title.
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  3. Normally it's a great idea, but let's let him do that when the division matters again. I can't even remember who the current IC champion is. This push would make people care less about him.
  4. It would actually be a pretty cool record for someone to set, but lets be realistic here. Cesaro is THE MAN right now, and while him breaking that record would be a great moment for him, him winning the career-killing belt would just kill his momentum dead right now.

    Plus with the way it's booked nowadays, we'd be sitting back like "Congrats on the nice win Cesaro, great job beating Kofi and Axel and Miz and all these other randoms a bunch of times. Woo"
  5. No way. Cesaro is being pushed as a main-event player. He's a lock for MITB. I think after the Swagger feud, Cesaro will return to being a heel with Heyman.

    The IC title hasn't improved in prestige after the unification at all. Big E needs to drop it. Get ADR as champ with Ricardo again. He puts on great matches and has won world titles in the past, so could elevate the belt.
  6. imo Cesaro should be the next WWE WHC champ and they shouldn't wait long with all this development going on with him.
  7. Unfortunaly, as others mentioned, the IC title is nowhere near as prestigious as it once was, And quite frankly, it will never be if WWE doesn't start to put some real effort into making good storylines involving the mid-card titles. I say Cesaro is ready for a main-event push, more realistically a MITB briefcase. Hell, he might even start a feud with Brock Lesnar in the next few months the way things are going...maybe cashing in on Brock himself?:shock:
  8. It's a brilliant idea for a number of reasons:

    1) Cesaro is at the point in his career where holding the top midcard title makes sense. He's a former US Champ. A smart thing to do for him at the moment would be to have him capture the IC title. I would also have him conclude his year-plus long reign against the WWEWHC and win it, becoming only the second man to hold both the WWE Title and the IC Title, before surrendering and vacating the IC title without ever losing it.
    2) The IC Title is slowly gaining some prestige back. Some people aren't hearing the pop Big E gets and aren't seeing that the kid has done a decent job of being IC Champ. The prevailing belief seems to be that, since the IC isn't defended at every PPV, it's a pointless belt. This prevailing belief is wrong. The top titles in the company have never (despite the "30-Day Rule" that's sometimes touted) been defended monthly at PPV's (or on Raws, Smackdowns, at house shows, etc.). By the way, the prestige isn't making Big E better; Big E is the one bringing some shine to the IC Title.
    3) The idea of breaking the record is hugely appealing because then we have three of the most Heyman guys being: a) the longest-regning WWE Champion in 25 years; b) the guy who broke the Streak; and, c) the longest-reigning IC Champion in history. It cements further the idea that Heyman is the greatest manager of all time (especially when you consider that it will probably be at least a decade before you get another year-long WWE Championship reign again)
    4) Having a hugely-long reign with regular defenses by Cesaro brings prestige both to Cesaro (for going over some of the top guys in the company) and to the IC Title (for being sought after by some of the top guys in the company). Now, in order to make it work, we can't limit his defenses to guys like Axel, Kingston, Big E, Swagger, etc. You're going to have to have main event types "come down" to go after the belt, if for no other reason than to show up the arrogant "Swiss Superman", and I mean guys like Sheamus, Orton, Bryan, and Cena. I think a feud between Reigns and Cesaro for the IC belt (that Reigns never wins) not only helps both guys (gets Reigns ready for main event competition while Cesaro look tremendous by not losing the title), but also previews what could be an amazing WWEWHC feud in the future. As for some of you who will no doubt say that those guys would never "job" or "be buried" by Cesaro.......get real. We're not talking about Hogan here. We're talking about the new breed of guy who is more in line with what HHH thinks than what Kevin Nash thinks, which is that they'll do what is "best for business", not just in kayfabe, but in real life.

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  9. It sounds cool on paper and it potentially might make the IC Championship relevant again, but I think he's above that. That being said, Cesaro has to do something important until he gets his huge main event push which I'm guessing will be at Money in the Bank. Imagine him cashing in on Brock Lesnar. :mog: That feud and match would be money.
  10. I think it's a great idea on paper, e.g. if they do it right, they should do it. As some have mentioned, the IC has been a death title for a while, but honestly, that can be reverted in a heart beat. They just have to focus on Cesaro. The IC champ usually gets lost in the shuffle of midcard hell, and if they go out of their way to always book Cesaro strongly and relevantly (plus not just have him squash midcarders as it has already been mentioned), awesome. If they're going to take care of this and do it right, it will make him. If they're gonna leave the IC title as irrelevant as it is atm, don't bother.
  11. Beat you by a second. :win:
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  12. :okay:
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  13. If anyone can continue to build that title Cesaro can. Its not like it has to be Kofi and co. challenging each week. It can be Sheamus, Swagger, Henry, RVD, Big Show basically top guys not needed in the ME Title scene at the minute surely thats the point!
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  14. as long as he is in proper feuds and not random pointless matches it would work
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  15. Dolph's has a point going on, the IC title would actually grow in prestige (along with Cesaro) if the belt is implemented in legit feuds like the WWE WHC title is, they did it years ago and that's why the IC had prestige.

    Give Cesaro the title, have creative give a shit about the mid-card/upper mid-card and get Cesaro doing his magic, it should be really easy for supposedly the "best wrestling creative team in the World" but its more their unbalanced focus and low productivity that would ruin they already have with the IC/US champs of the past 4-6 years. Maybe having Heyman/Colter getting more involved with this as they occasionally write RAWs would help as the RAWs they write are usually fantastic.
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  16. Yeah, that's what I'm going for. If people want the Intercontinental Championship to be restored to it's former glory, then it needs to be placed on someone who has a lot of momentum like Cesaro has right now. Plus, does the old adage "The championship doesn't make the wrestler, the wrestler that makes the championship" come to mind? The IC Championship alone isn't a momentum-killer for anyone. That's an issue that all comes down to the booking and treatment that the creative team has for the strap and/or the people that hold it. The second they put the belt on someone whom the fans are invested in, and the second they start booking the championship like it means something again, people will start to look at it differently. Perception is everything in wrestling.

    Paul Heyman could even cut a promo after Cesaro wins it, stating that over the past several years, there's been a lot of Intercontinental Champions that have failed to bring any sort of legitimacy to the title (which would serve as sort of a quasi-shoot comment on how far the IC Championship has fallen compared to the old days, appropriate in this era of kayfabe/shoot promos) but that Cesaro is out to change that perception by defending it regularly against any and all challengers. Heyman could also remind people of the prestige the title used to have, held by many people who will eventually go on to become world champions (Warrior, Austin, Rock, HHH, Orton, etc.)

    Also, even though I'm not in favor of unifying the IC and US Championships, doing so and having Cesaro become the unified champion would be a nice feather in his cap on top of eventually breaking the record for holding the IC title the longest. I'd imagine a feud between Cesaro and Ambrose over the unification of the belts would be pleasant to watch.
  17. I wouldn't wish a mid card title on anybody right now.

    Although, If WWE organised some sort of United States and IC title unification, the championship could mean alot more and you could have some great matches for a title that had prestige like it used to.
  18. unifying the belts magically makes it prestigious?
  19. Nope... But the fact that there'd be only one midcard title would mean much more competition for places and better fueds. Having two is an absolute joke. When was the US title even defended last in a match that meant something??
  20. Just because there is one mid card belt doesn't mean it will be more competition for it. If the creative team don't care for it then they don't care for it, the amount of belts do not change that. WWE has big enough a roster that they could easily book 2 competent mid card belts if only they wanted to.
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