Religion Should Christmas Even Be Considered a Religious Holiday?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by CM Punk, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Christmas according to Christians is supposed to be the birthday of Jesus Christ. (Which isn't exactly true either.) And some religious people think it revolves around him as well, so if you don't believe in Jesus Christ, there's no point in calling it Christmas. Basically what they say is the center point of Christmas should be the celebration of their lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

    But it's always seemed like Christmas has been a global holiday rather than religious. It's where families would spend time together, exchange gifts and have a good time.

    So do you guys think Christmas should be considered a religious holiday or no?
  2. The Christmas as we know it is a pagan holiday, which Christians should not (and the educated Christians actually do not) celebrate.
    Christmas shouldn't be considered either, celebrate it your way or not at all, and let others do the same.
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  3. What Soli said. Christmas was originally a pagan holiday (the winter solstice, celebration of the nights becoming shorter and the weather getting warmer) from central and northern Europe.

    Any educated Christian knows that the whole "Christ's birth" scenario was applied to it so that Christians could claim the holiday for their own. It's not uncommon in any culture to do this, it is a form of cultural assimilation. "Oh, these savages celebrate this huge holiday in the middle of winter, we should get in on that, but make it our own thing, what do we have on hand?".

    Christianity has their own version of a ton of older practices. And Christianity and Islam for example have historically converted temples or places of sacrifice into mosques or churches when spreading to new lands since it is an easy way to assimilate the local culture and faith into their own.

    One of Latin America's oldest churches is built on top of the biggest pyramid in Latin America for example.

    But yeah, Christmas is much more a cultural holiday than it is a religious one now a days. But those who still practice it in a religious sense should be allowed to.
  4. Yeah, didn't mean to make it sound like, "No, it's not a religious holiday."
    You can celebrate it anyway you please, but some people basically portray it as only said religion should celebrate it.
  5. How happy I am coming in and seeing 2 educated people on the history of Christmas will never be reached again.
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