Should CM Punk Take A Break After Wrestlemania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. I think it would be the next logical step for his character. He just lost his championship after a record reign, he's gonna lose again this Sunday at Elimination Chamber and then Punk has two paths he could take at Wrestlemania - either getting another crack at the belt (title!) against Cena and Rock or challenging Taker's streak. And we know he's losing both matches, no matter which one he ends up in.

    Him taking time off could play well into the whole idea of him losing three big matches in a row after coming off such a historical title reign (I didn't think it was all that historic, but that's another story), even if they protect him somewhat in a triple threat by having Rock take the pin instead of Punk. But this especially applies if he goes after Taker in a desperate attempt to prove how he is the best in the world (by proving Rock doesn't matter since he'll be the one to end the greatest streak in all of wrestling) and then fails to end the streak, regardless of how close he comes. Coming off three losses in a row on a big stage after coming off so many victories before that (his three matches with Ryback involving cheating notwithstanding, since even Rock didn't bring that up and use it against him when Punk was bragging about the length of his title reign), it would work out well for him to walk out to try and regain something he lost or whatever.

    Punk is also hurting in real life too, I don't think his knees ever fully recovered and his head is still aching because of the drop that Miz gave him and reports say he is acting as if he's better than he actually is because it's Wrestlemania season. So taking time off would heal him in reality as well.

    He could return sometime in the summer, and he should be fresher and his body a little more healed as a result. They could somehow already begin to plant the seeds for a feud with Brock rumored to happen in the fall, and Punk's inevitable face turn (the reaction he would get upon returning would no doubt turn him face almost immediately.)
  2. My heart says no, but my head says yes. Everything you said is pretty spot on about his health, and what not. I think to perserve himself for 3-4 more years, he needs to take a short break. 2 or 3 months sounds good to me.
  3. Love the idea of a break so he doesn't need to take part in meaningless filler-feuds, but I don't dig a face turn at all. WWE simply do not know how to book him as a face yet. I have zero faith in him not becoming stale within two months.
  4. Great point. Would be nice for him to take time off, actually. He could really use it and would make sense. Nice one.
  5. Have him go up against Brock, then he'll get a break all right :jeritroll:
  6. Since I enjoy him a lot I would hate to see him take a break...however for the sake of his body then I think he should.
  7. That gives me an idea, actually. If Punk fails to capture the title again or if he fails to defeat Taker (I had an idea in another thread about how Heyman could offer his help towards Punk in defeating Taker but he tells Heyman and the Shield to stay away and let him take Undertaker on his own), Heyman could berate him the next night about how far he's fallen lately and maybe he has Brock come out and attack and injure Punk. Would be a good way to write him off, especially since there's rumors of a Brock/Punk feud in the Fall.
  8. :urm: exactly what I meant.
  9. If he takes a break he will have to go out with a major jaw dropping injury/incident by the hands of the man he will feud with when he comes back.
    I don't want him to but I agree... I think he needs to take one for his health. He don't sleep good, he is always working... I mean he has aged in the last 4 years something nasty. He looks like he is pushing 42 already.
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