Should Curtis Axel adopt a new finisher?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 23, 2013.

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  1. Dunno how many that remember Curtis old finisher. But during the McGillicutty days he used a running swinging neckbreaker called the McGillicutter as his finisher.

    This one, right here.

    But with this new push and seemingly new character (It will probably expand as time goes on and he and Paul put time into it), should he adopt a new finisher or rework his current one?

    I personally like the move, it looks like it hurts and can be used in a lot of ways if the wrestler using it is creative. But the name needs to change. Maybe something like the Axel cutter or similar, as a tribute to his grandfather and personalising it. It should at least be used as a signature in my opinion.

    A lot of people probably want him to use the perfectplex and I can understand why, but personally I think that it should be saved for big matches, big opponents. Like when nothing else works. That way you pay homage to the move and how "good" it is in kayfabe, but also allow Curtis to build his own legacy. I'd like to see him use a variation of the Cradle Shock or the Olympic Slam if he was to get a new one.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I think the Perfectplex should only be used very very few times. He should try to divide himself from his father to show that he isn't just Mr Perfect's son, he's a great wrestler on his own. The remixed theme song is enough homage to his father, as is the name if his character. I say keep this move as a second finisher, and look for another to be his finishing move.
  3. I love that finisher personally.
  4. I'm against using the Perfectplex for reasons mentioned. It's enough to acknowledge his bloodline by having a name that mixes the names of his father/grand father and entrance music that combines a new theme with a little bit of his dad's old theme. That's about as far as that should be taken, in my view. I do like the idea of him using the Perfectplex during certain arrogant spots but not as a regular finisher to put away his opponents every match. Imagine him wrestling for the Intercontinental Championship and after a certain point comes when he already has his opponent down and out (perhaps with his own finisher), he opts to pin him with the Perfectplex instead... A homage to his dad, who was a great IC Champion and also one of the longest reigning IC Champs of all time.

    The swinging neckbreaker seems alright. I hated it at first but it seems pretty impactful if you condition yourself to see it as a finisher and looks like it could sometimes be brought on out of nowhere, depending how it's put to use.
  5. That neckbreaker is lame as a finisher. Seems like a good 'signature' move.

    Perfectplex or bust.
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  6. Pretty cool looking move, but pretty weak for a finisher, imo.

    He should use The Jackhammer as a finisher :happy:
  7. +1
  8. He should use the perfectplex every now and then not all the time,he needs to be his own man and not try and be like his father.
  9. It should be a signature move I think. The Perfect Plex should be his "uber" finisher yeah, but something else as a primary finisher would be nice imo.
  10. Perfectplex if anything should be a rare move he pulls out at PPV's. Let him create his own legacy.
  11. Looks like Dolph'sZiggler 's agenda is coming true. Hennig Jr murdered Sin Cara with the perfectplex on Smackdown.
  12. lol you always casually drop SD spoilers during the week. I know that nobody watches it, but still
  13. I try to avoid anything that is considered major. But Pefect Jr going over a mid carder in a squash is hardly something that will shock people into crapping their pants.
  14. If it were considered major it wouldn't be on SD lulz. Just an observation, I doubt anyone cares. I don't watch the show
  15. Considering his current angle, I think his current finisher works for him. They seem to be stressing the family history of wrestlers he comes from so I think it makes sense why he would use the Perfectplex.
  16. I came in my pants a bit on Monday when he used it on Cena :gusta:
  17. I'd like him to use a fisherman's buster rather than the perfect plex, it's a homage with his own twist on it. It won't happen but still.
  18. I mark for the Perfect Plex. I'd prefer it being used as a move he pulls off in big PPV matches occasionally or maybe as that über finisher but nothing wrong with it I suppose.
  19. I like the McGilicutter tbh. I don't think he needs to change it but I think that if WWE wasn't about to change it he would have used before
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