Should Curtis Axel change his look?

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  1. Pretty basic topic. Most big stars have something in their look that makes them stand out. Now that Curtis Axel is getting a push, should he change his looks in any shape or form or do you feel that his look is fine as it is?

    I'd personally shange the ring gear. Not sure how I'd change it exactly but something is needed to really sell the change from McGillicutty to Curtis. He shouldn't rock a singlet like his dad though, that would be horrible.

    I've also heard some rumblings that he is using hair plugs due to thinning hair. If that is true I'd might look into cutting his hair. Save the beard though, it makes him look bad ass.

    Also I'd have him rock a business casual suit when out of the ring, to sell him as a big time client of Heyman, also to help show some diversity in Heyman's clients. Punk dresses like an every day dude in a hoodie when out of ring, Brock has gym gear. Let Curtis be the cocky youth who feels like he is big time.

    How would you change his look?
  2. I'd have him bulk up a bit more, he's tall but doesn't seem to be very 'large', and yes his ring gear needs to change.

    "I've also heard some rumblings" said Dave Meltzer.
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  3. Personally I'd have him suit up abit more like you said. Shave his beard into something more professional looking and make him wear smart looking clothes outside the ring. Not sure about his in ring gear as much though.
  4. I like the suit idea, Curtis needs to pull away from his old look in order to break out into the new name and persona he is being pushed as. As CM Punk and Lesnar wear a t-shirt and tracksuits pants, a suit would make Curtis look like a professional. The beard definitely has to stay because he does look intimidating with it.
  5. I don't really care to see him in a suit. I picture him in normal clothes for some reason, like a black silk shirt and jeans. Somehow, I like how Paul Heyman wears the suit (those 'Walmart' suits, as Vince/HHH/Steph like to say supposedly backstage) and his clients don't. I guess that could be what separates Axel from Punk and Lesnar, having a more professional look to him but I can just as easily picture him in the normal folk clothes. I also don't see much need to change the tights he's wearing. I didn't pay attention to the ones he was wearing on Raw, but unless they had Axel written on the back of them along with some small design, that's about the only change I'd make.
  6. He should change the tights design in my opinion. The design he has now with the claws and clawmarks is associated with McGillicutty, he has worked a lot of house shows and live events so he isn't as unknown as some make him out to be. With a fresh character there should in my opinion be a fresh look. We'll see how the character evolves.
  7. Nice point, it did look weird when he came up in ring gear in his debut. I would've expected at least regular street clothes. But indeed him using business casual suits outside of the ring is a nice one, not really sure what to change in his ring attire though. I guess a different trunk design already helps.
  8. I think he's fine. Well, I guess he could get ripped, but that's about it. I don't think he needs any major changes.
  9. I like Kevin's idea on his out of ring attire. Not sure on ring gear; think the trunks work well to be honest.
  10. Maybe they should try and put the kind of design they have on his tron on his trunks instead of the clawmarks. But I guess it all depends on where they take the character.
  11. I also noticed that they've stolen and modified The "Narcissist" Lex Luger's walkout tune
  12. It's a remix of his father, Mr. Perfect's theme, not Lex Luger's.

  13. Ahhhh bad....I knew it was one or the other!!
  14. It's cool.

    I'd like to see him also add to his character by showing some of the trash talking he did during his second NXT run. When he ran his mouth during matches ala Stone Cold, Chris Hero and Kevin Steen. It would add a lot to him. Say he is wrestling Cody Rhodes on a episodes of Smackdown and as he walks out he puts his arm around Paul, points at Cody and says something like "See that guy Paul? I'm gonna go break his arm!"

    Let him be a in ring shit talker. He does it so well.
  15. Yeah, he didn't do that much on Raw. Really hope they haven't told him to stop it for some stupid reason, it adds a lot.
  16. I think he looks fine in the trunks. Maybe just give him a dope boy black vest to wear to the ring ala SCSA.

    As for out of the ring, whatevs. I'm always down if guys want to suit up. It's never a bad time for a suit. Seriously, wear a suit sometime and tell me you don't feel better about yourself while doing so.
  17. That was his look on the new NXT actually.
  18. Aw, interesting. It's always a good look IMO.
  19. Only pic I can find:

    lookin pretty boss

  20. He cut some good trash talker promos back on that NXT. Also talked a lot in the ring. Steen style.
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