Should Daniel Bryan Triumph Over The Shield?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lockard 23, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. (Contains Raw spoilers if you haven't watched yet.)

    Anyone who saw the tag team match on Raw last night should know that Daniel Bryan came close to helping his team give The Shield their first loss in six man tag team action. For a few moments, there was even a thought that he was gonna pull it off (given that he just came off fending off The Shield by himself on Smackdown.) To be honest, I wouldn't have minded if The Shield suffered a loss last night. I'm all for them remaining undefeated (I made a thread awhile back that it would be cool if they NEVER lost in six man matches) but here's some reasons why Bryan and his team triumphing over The Shield wouldn't have bothered me either:

    For one, they've evolved from just having six man tag team matches. Back when they weren't wrestling singles matches or winning gold, it was important for them to remain undefeated in six man matches because that was all they did. They very much wrestled and opposed other superstars as a UNIT back then. But since, they've wrestled singles matches and also won championships, which means the main matches they'll be involved in from here on out is Ambrose defending the US Title and Reigns and Rollins defending the tag team titles. Add to that that Dean Ambrose lost a match (against the Undertaker) and Seth Rollins was pinned in that six man elimination match a month back. Point is, they're not 100% invincible anymore. Considering that, and considering six man tag team matches being their only gig is no longer, I don't see it as as big of a deal as before for them to remain undefeated when the three of them are tagging together against three other opponents.

    Could this be Bryan's first big step in proving to Kane and everyone else that he's not the weak link? That he's worthy of being taken just as serious as them and every other WWE superstar? By being the main one to lead his team to victory against The Shield in the very near future in another rematch? Since there's no announced matches for any of these six guys yet and we have only two weeks before the PPV, I think Team Hell No and Randy Orton could agree to challenge The Shield to another match at the PPV during their appearance on MizTV this week on Smackdown. Maybe it's here that The Shield finally suffers their first loss as a cohesive unit, with Bryan being the one to make the pin fall/submission, possibly when Orton and Kane are laid out or something. Would give meaning to the PPV name being 'Payback', and given that Chicago is one hell of a wrestling town, the crowd should be wild for it.
  2. No, but they should make sure that he loses really dirty that way he still looks as strong as he has been lately.
  3. :yes:

    D Bry > Shield

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