Should Del Rio vs Jack Swagger be a Submission Match?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Just read that "backstage sources" say that they're considering ADR and Swagger being a Submission match, but the source is Meltzer so that's irrelevant information.

    So instead of just posting his crap, lets just discuss if it should happen.

    #RiseAboveMeltzer #AndCrayoToo
  2. Why would they? If Ziggler doesn't cash in, then I would expect a rematch between the two the following month at Extreme Rules. Adding in a gimmick seems more appropriate for making the rematch seem special.
  3. This ^

    However that would be the right stipulation considering that both guys finishers are submission holds
  4. Make it a cant win by submission match...

    Or a bikini pillow fight... It's going to be the curtain jerker match at WM anyways
  5. Well, I suppose it's a possibility. But saving it for the rematch sounds like a better idea.
  6. LOL @ "inside sources" :laugh:
  7. Prefer an I Quit match, it's harder to say I quit than just tapping out
  8. I know you're kidding, but this will probably draw more than a submission match would. And be more interesting.
  9. Submission matches with possible angles going on behind them (Dolph cashing in) don't ever seem to be enough. Its going to be WM and with Dolph possibly cashing in, I want to see ADR and Swagger beating the snot out of each other. If they do a submission match and Dolph ends up cashing it at WM then its going to make the winner look weak because I doubt Zig is going to lose. On the other hand, if he doesn't cash in and its a submission match... Its like... Eh. Bathroom break.
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  10. I would love this. Submission match, Zig goes over swag who beats ADR for a huge turnaround.
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