Should Fandango turn face?

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  1. Recently after the whole wwe universe chanted his theme on raw he was advertised all throughout the week. With increasing fan following should the master of the ''art of dance'' turn face to accommodate all the attention or should he remain in his present gimmick as pulls it off very well and people would like to see more ''fandangoing'' ?What's your take on this?
  2. No. He's barely gotten started . He works better as a heel with this gimmick. Let him work as a bad guy.
  3. maybe you're right. But according to recent reports he will be pushed and then turn face sometime around summerslam to be a fan favourite.
  4. He is annoying the fuck out of some people still, so I think he should stay heel. Also this type of gimmick works much better as a heel since it has some aggression to it, and his voice works for a heel.
  5. No, this is just a silly fad that'll quickly pass through (especially with Vince and Lawler promoting it). We'll see what happens after that.
  6. He's getting love as a heel so keep it that way imo. He could be the man ppl love to hate.
  7. No. Like Bully said, this is just a fad that will die down, and it's not the first time a heel's been over (Punk, Bryan, Ziggler). If it's not broken, why fix it?
    A face turn would probably mean a watered down Fandango anyway, he wouldn't be as cocky and whatnot.
  8. No way. He will get huge cheers in London, and had them two weeks ago, but RAW is predominantly in the US and Fandango will not get those reactions everywhere else (see last weeks RAW for an example).
  9. The girl is pretty, cute outfit, love the dancing (I'm a former dancer of all types) just not in my wrestling. I enjoy the chick and dancing more than him.
  10. OH HELL NO!
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