Should he go to the WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Do you think an imposing 6ft9 physical specimen like matt morgan should go too WWE? i think he would fit in perfectly in the WWE.
  2. RE: Should he go too the WWE>

    He has been in WWE. He's one of those TNA guys who came to TNA for seconds.
  3. Should he go too the WWE>

    He couldn't get over in WWE the first time, but he's got some better experience from his TNA run. So, that could help him connect with the WWE audience, so...yeah, it's possible.


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  4. RE: Should he go too the WWE>

    ...or for a job that paid higher than indy-feds.

    He is another one of those guys that WWE setup to fail, and he did fail.
  5. RE: Should he go too the WWE>

    I think he's a great big man, definitely has a star look, he just needs to be stiffer and edgier.
    WWE should definitely bring him in if TNA screws up with him.
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  6. RE: Should he go too the WWE>

    He has the look, but the WWE decided to give the man a goddamn STUTTER GIMMICK. They never wanted him to succeed in the first place. Vince's ego is too big to let him succeed now, especially cause he's a "TNA guy" now.
  7. He's improved a lot in TNA so I'd personally like to see him. Though I'm a bigger fan of Magnus.
  8. I can't for the life of me figure out why TNA doesn't want to push this guy as a world champion.
  9. ? Is that the guy team with Block L. at the 2003 S.Seris? I think he was in wwe in 2004 to for a short time team with cartlio I think?
  10. Yeah. Team Brock. You got a good memory.
  11. Morgan improved massively in TNA, he is one of the few wrestlers who can play both heel and face effectively. Unfortunately, TNA never pulled the trigger with him, he's always stucked in a tag teams. But at least he won the first ever RKK Heavyweight title.
  12. I agree there, Magnus has a little bit more swag around him.
    They did had two matches in RKK, episodes 3 and 12, and I think that you can see that thing in those matches. Magnus also has better facials, but itdoesn't make Morgan any less good.
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  13. Is Magnus in RKK too?
  14. Yeah he had a match with Morgan in the main event of the last episode I think it was.
  15. Why would TNA effectively drop him?
  16. It's not difficult to be in both I don't think since TNA tapes two weeks of shows and is then off for long stretches. Lot's of Impact regulars have been in RKK.

    Magnus is still going to be on Impact most weeks, he's a tag champion
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  17. Oh I see, I forgot they tape two per week. Quite a good system really.
  18. No, it's not. That way the shows lose on unpredictability you create with live airing. Plus, it's the f'n Impact Zone, so... Double fail actually.
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  19. I meant it's a good system for taped shows. Obviously live shows outside of the shitzone is better.

    But having them do two in a row is good for their work schedules.
  20. Yes, that is correct. They do tapings on Monday and Tuesday, and hit the road for the weekend.

    Btw, I love ur sig, Krayo.
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