Should heels participate in community service?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Franklin, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Do you think heels should participial in community service? The WWE is involved in many problems such as the Anti-Bullying Campaign, Make A Wish Foundation, and many other charities.

    I don't think heels should participate in these events with the exception of Make A Wish Foundation because it is fulfilling a die child's wish. I think participating in these events contradicts the heel's character. It can make it harder for the fans to boo him.

    I understand wrestling is fake. I think the WWE is missing the person's wrestling character. Presenting a good person is not good for a heel's image. A wrestler's character should be presented as if that truly is the person.
  2. If they're big big stars like CM Punk and Miz then I can see why they do it as they both have their own following and could reach to a lot of people. However, generally I'm against heels being used like this. It's hard enough ignoring all the other loop holes and such WWE throw at you.
  3. Yeah, it's really weird to see heels doing this sort of stuff.
  4. I don't have anything against them doing make a wish. I don't think they should be a part of anti bullying; considering bullying is what they do far a living.
  5. I think they should do make a wish because I'm sure not all kids are fans of just faces. I read awhile back ago a kid requested to meet cody Rhobes, so, that tells you right there. I'm sure that kid who was a Rhobes fan would be really sad if wwe didn't allow it to happen because of him being a heel, and I think making a kid's day is more important then keeping a character heel image.
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  6. Amen.

    I mean, yeah it won't solidify their characters, but not all kids are marks!

    Let's just put it in the middle:

    If the kid requests it, then let him be. But BAStar campaigns are a no-no.
  7. This is as asinine as saying the actor that played Bane shouldn't speak out on bullying......

    "Sports entertainment"
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