Should JINDER MAHAL Be The One To End The Undertaker's Streak?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. I've been watching him for awhile and paying close attention to his mannerisms, facial expressions, mic work, ring work, etc., and I'm starting to see what I think closely resembles the total package. If JINDAR MAHAL was only allowed to break away from 3MB and be given a serious gimmick instead of a comedic one, then I believe he could end up becoming a big star in the future. Maybe even have him cut a promo about how the other two 3MB members tried to hold him back and down but no more will he let them. If he's booked strongly enough, he could even end up being credible enough to challenge the streak by Wrestlemania 31, and imo, could even be a viable candidate to end it, thus forever launching him into the realm of super-stardom.

    Roman Who? I think JINDAR MAHAL is the future, not Roman Reigns, or either of the other two Shield jobbers for that matter. Try to tell me you can't picture this man standing over a defeated Undertaker at a future Wrestlemania:


    Who knows, maybe in the future he could use his star power to give Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre a huge rub, thus resulting in a big feud between the three of them that could headline a future Wrestlemania.


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  2. Not one of your best threads, Lockard.
  3. Lay off the drugs dude.
  4. Gotta admit though, if you're trolling us, this is pretty boss.
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  5. KLock... trolling... this doesn't add up!
  6. Oh hell no he softer than baby shit
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  7. isn't it Jinder?
  8. KLock trolling.....

    Fucking Swerve! :russo:
  9. Just seen this thread on wrestle forum:dawg:
  10. HQ thread is HQ
  11. This thread is gold man. Can't hinder the Jinder. :terry:
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  12. 3MB will never break up, that's blasphemy.
    Heath Slater is redneck gold at the moment.
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  13. This is some damn good trolling :troll:
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  15. Came in here expecting to tell Jwab to lay off these shitty threads. Funny post Lock, at least i hope you were trying to be funny. Otherwise so long, credibility.
  16. For a minute I thought this was another BLFFL bitching thread
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  17. [​IMG]

    ^See? That's the future Rushmore, people.
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