Should 'Miss' Elizabeth Hulette be inducted into the HOF?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, May 2, 2013.

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  1. Elizabeth Hulette, sometimes referred to as the first lady of wrestling had quite an impact of the wrestling industry. She was the most important female in the WWF in the late 80s/early 90s without ever wrestling in a single match. The spark she brought to the Mega Powers story line made it one of the most entertaining of the era. She had the ability to have the whole crowd in her hands. She made us smile, she made some cry, and she brought some truly heart warming moments to the WWF. She continued the love/hate relationship with her ex-husband Randy Savage into WCW where she became less relevant but still had a viable presence every time she was on our screens. Considering the path she made for other women in the industry, I believe she should go into the HOF without question. A more fitting induction would be if it took place the same year that Randy Savage goes into the HOF as well.

  2. Sure, no problem with her going in as far as I'm concerned. She had a relevant role in important storyline and is remembered by everone.
  3. Thanks for the pity post :happy:
  4. She was a big part in Randy Savage's career so why not?
  5. Honestly anyone can justify going in at this point so why not?
  6. Even if they didn't just let anyone into the HOF, I would say she deserves a spot. She was the First Lady in wrestling, an important part of Randy Savage's career and the centerpiece of The Megapowers breaking up (that feud did huge business and made 1989 the most financially successful year for WWF until 1999) and is one of the most memorable valets ever, WWF or otherwise. She also became likable in a time when you didn't have to have fake tits popping out (well, there's always WCW lol) or you didn't have to bend over with your ass cheeks hanging out to get the audience to like you. And she was still more attractive than 99% of the women who have come through since then.
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