Should Miz turn back heel?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. His face run isn't working. He gets some face pops but the majority - especially in smark cities - boo him still. They have tried attaching Flair to him and Flair's over finishing move, and putting him up against over heels or including him in big segments. He has his Miz TV shit still, but it sucks. Should he turn heel again? He was a great heel imo (although we have many Miz haters here).
  2. I just don't like him but I prefer him as heel so yeah turn him, Miz TV can be entertaining and a heel version would be better.
  3. He won't turn heel again because he does a lot of promotion and social media stuff for WWE.

    Heel or face, it doesn't matter, he sucks.
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  4. I loved Miz's heel run. Miz being face is just boring. He can't have a face IC or US title run because his promos are weak and wouldn't bring much more audience. In fact, Del Rio said once he loves to be heel and he asked McMahon not to change his persona because heels is mainly why people watch the shows. Heels are more unpredictable and were what made a show entertaining because even though they insult the people they have probably the best matches because they steal the win and use objects while the ref isn't looking while face people just try to win clean. This was in Spanish but that's more or less what he tried to say. I believe Miz was more entertaining and have more victories because he didn't have clean matches at all and he had a lot of turning points during his matches.

    Conclusion: MIZ SHOULD BE HEEL! He was way better and more entertaining than now.
  5. Despite my hating, I can admit Miz is a great ambassador for WWE. He unfortunately, does nothing for me in the ring. I suggest WWE utilizes him more in a marketing way. Let him do promotional work, perhaps host Total Divas or another WWE themed TV show. The midcard is stacked already with more talented workers, no need for Miz to clutter it up further.
  6. So... Miz shouldn't get time on TV but have more a promoter role? Is that what you were trying to say?
  7. Leave him off of The wrestling shows and let him do work for the company in other media outlets.
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  8. Like hosting TV Shows like Total Divas or creating a new one called Total Superstars. Or even interviewer. Anything but wrestling and getting a better position in the company.
  9. Miz is broing anyway, turn him Heel, he was better being a heel. As senhor says, leave him off of the wrestling shows, let him be commentator, interviewer. They did the same with Alex Riley and he`s better as commentator
  10. Yes please. Heel Miz was my favorite wrestler from the Hoo-Rah days until the face turn honestly. Love to see him Heel again.
  11. The Miz would have made a great heel corporate champion in place of Randy Orton IMO.

    I'm not a fan of the guy but I could see it working. I said a couple of months ago that my issue with this angle was Orton being the chosen one of the McMahons to lead the company as the face of it for the next several years. I know Orton is young and still has plenty of years left, but regardless, we've seen him win countless world titles and headline countless PPVs already. A fresher main eventer would have interested me more, especially if you wanna make comparisons with The Rock becoming the heel corporate champion back in late '98. The Rock was someone who had never been a headline guy prior to him joining up with Vince and company, and the same would just about be true for The Miz. He's only main evented a few times and been WWE Champion only once, unlike Orton. (And truth be told, I enjoy Orton more as a face when he's The Viper anyway.)

    The Miz is easy to picture in a suit (I really thought they should have dwelled on that aspect alot more with Orton, and like had him go back to wearing a suit like his Legend Killer days), has that look of a guy that you just want to punch in the mouth (the fact that he's backed by the corporate head honchos would only make you despise him more) and with doing so much promotional work for the WWE, it makes since for them to want him as the champion that represents their company and brand name. Plus, he did good/great numbers as the heel WWE Champion in 2011 if I recall.

    As it is, he could still turn heel and go after Bryan for the WWE Title after HIAC (assuming Bryan wins it back). but I don't foresee that happening.
  12. Well, yeah, of course. His gimmick doesn't work with him as a face, and these days his promos suck (his ring work is meh either way) but back when he was a heel he could get some great heat and work the mic very, very well. A no-brainer for me.
  13. He should just turn "tail" and run right out of WWE altogether IMO
  14. Or they could just release him, since everything they tried with him has failed.
  15. I think his face run has been alright. I think his biggest problem is his wrestling and I'm not sure if that's attributed to doing a bunch of promotional events and lack of practice, but it's a hinderance. I think Miz is doing everything a face should do and is certainly more successful in that manner compared to ADR. Does he really need to turn heel? No. I think just improving on his current role would be the best option rather than coping out and switching to heel
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