Money in the Bank Should Money In The Bank go bankrupt?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Redboy123@, Jun 2, 2018.

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    As we all know, the MITB ppv is nearly upon us. It will be the the ninth MITB ppv and will contain the 19th mens and the 3rd women's MITB matches. Around this time each year I tend to reminisce on the past 13 years of MITB existence. It is a great concept that can be used as a tool to develop characters, create storylines and elevate new main event stars. The MITB ladder match is great.

    However I think coleslaw is great. But that doesn't mean I want coleslaw everyday. The problem I have is that the gimmick has been done to death. It has become overly saturated, and I have just had enough.

    Not only are we getting the MITB ppv this year, we are also awaiting the largest sport event in the world, which commencing in the same month. However unlike MITB, I am excited for the World Cup. The World Cup comes around every 4 years. Now I'm not suggesting MITB should do the same but if they did the world cup every year I would not care as nearly as much.

    I would recommend the WWE do MITB every 2 years because at this rate Heath Slater is going to become Mr Money In The Bank. Maybe WWE should get rid of the concept altogether. Whatever they do, the MITB's new baby smell has worn off and now I will much prefer to smell something else. I wonder if Jericho has any more ideas...
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  2. I'm starting to agree the last mitb I was excited about was Dolph Ziggler and of course Damien Sandow which John Cena just had to win. Also I wish more people would cash in like RVD who had an actual match with Cena but he won unlike Cena's 2012 cash in
  3. I feel like they should alternate between divisions each year. e.g. Women's one year, tag team another, US/IC only another, main title another year, Cruiserweight another.
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  4. I think it needs to end. I mean, it's such a cheap way to become champion and therefore more of a heel thing than a face thing. Because the cheap wins can get heat.

    But it's a gimmick and a gimmick that has run its course. I like the matches, but they can easily just have 6 or 8 man ladder matches for a title. I'll watch it, but I think it's run its course.
  5. If they stopped doing it for 5 years, then started doing it again then I think that will be pretty sweet. Would be refreshing. Same with HIAC and TLC.
  6. I guess but I still don't like the concept. It's still a cheap win. But you may be right.
  7. Yeah it's cheap but it can be a great way of creating storylines. From the 19 cash ins I would say six are really great, which kinda just shows how much they have over done it.
  8. Yeah, I guess mostly with heels it is. But I dunno. Maybe you're right. Maybe it's just that there should be a break and it will get better.
  9. I think they could of done more RVD type cash ins , so the case is more accessible to babyfaces. Ambrose had a great babyface cash in despite it being cheap as Seth deserved it.
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  10. As much as this thread brings up a valid point...the WWE loves the MitB
    because its a great way for a heel to generate heat with a cheap cop out
    win...and the WWE only seems to focus on heels building heat instead
    of booking their babyfaces as likeable & capable wrestlers.

    Like every good idea the WWE has...they push it & push it until the fans
    get sick of it...rinse, repeat, repetitive bullshit!

    Plus just because someone has the briefcase doesn't mean their booking
    will improve...just look at Carmella.

    In the near 300 days she had the case she literally did NOTHING only to
    cash in & win in the cheapest way possible...and now we are supposed to
    take her seriously?

    The SDL women's title is worth about as much as a puddle of urine while
    Carmella has it.

    Also...look at Moron Corbin...he was primed for a big push...but he pissed
    off the wrong people & now he's just a complete failure...he's not even in the
    match for the briefcase this year.

    Ugh...why am I even typing this?

    Dish Washing Liquid!
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  11. Yeah. MitB is heel land.
  12. With Carmella and Corbin they just put the briefcase on them just for the sake of it. They had no real intention in pushing either of them. They needed MITB winners and they put it on two people who were not ready....for some reason Carmella was successful in her cash in.

    I do think that MITB can easily be used with a babyface. Braun, New Day, Balor and Rusev could easily be babyface winners. But yeah, it's predominantly a heel prize which is not a bad thing. Heels are supposed to be cheap. Heels that aren't cheap are babyfaces
  13. I disagree with Carmella. They clearly want to push her. They split her up from Enzo & Cass, had her have a feud with Nikki Bella, gave her the best asset anyone in the WWE could have (Ellswor... err I mean the briefcase) and had her cash in on the lady who defeated Asuka's undefeated streak at WM, and then have her beat Charlotte again.
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  14. Think it's more the concept of the coward heel that should be 86'ed moreso than MITB itself. Just do something creative.

    When I look at the field it's either guys who shouldn't win, guys who you can just name #1 contender anyway, and Big E.
  15. I'd prefer the MITB match to go back to being part of the wrestlemania card as I've always viewed it as a mania type of match. When they first made it a PPV i tuned out of the MITB concept, that being said the last one i enjoyed was actually the one ambrose won, mostly because we had a good build up to it and the outcome of ambrose cashing in thus the shield all held the title on one night was great
  16. I hate coleslaw
  17. Yeah, MITB at Wrestlemania had a cool vibe to it. But the MITB concept as a ppv is money so I don't blame WWE capitalizing on it. MITB ppv has been consistently really good over the years. It's not like Battleground.

  18. im looking forward to seeing lana this will be good lol
  19. ONE MITB match every year

    At WrestleMania.

    It makes the match & the win for the guy WAY more special & at the same time it adds to WrestleMania in a big way. WM needs it big time.

    The match means more at WM...
    WM means more with the match added...

    It's a win win.

    They could do an NXT/205 MITB version where who ever wins not only is there a championship contract in the case but also a main roster contract of their choosing. That way you don't know when he's going to debut, cash in & on which show. Good way to bring in a big star from NXT.

    While you're at it... cancel HIAC & put that match at Halloween Havoc as the October PPV, also cancel Extreme Rules & put THAT match at Halloween Havoc, just one, every year so it becomes a tradition, like the streak or MITB "who's gonna be in the extreme rules match this year" So right there you have an awesome themed PPV with 2 big matches every year.