Should Natayla leave?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Pop Tatari, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. She is a good worker and deserves more? Where would she go? TNA? Will she ever be Divas champ again?
  2. She does deserve more, but she isn't the "model" type WWE seems to be pushing as their Divas. As far as Paige being the anti-Diva, I don't buy it cause she's hot as fuck. I do think a move to TNA would benefit her career. However, it comes with what I would imagine as a hefty pay decrease.
  3. Well, I reckon she may become Divas champ again, the division is pretty much a champ with no momentum, then a random diva starts winning matches and beats the previous champ, then loses momentum because of how little attention the division gets and repeat. She's also making lots of money, and for me personally, if she doesn't go to TNA I won't get to watch her matches. So if she leaves for TNA yeah, if not no (as a fan).
  4. Sounds crazy but I can't see her having much success in TNA either. The KO's division has basically become the Divas', except actually on TV. Model face, big tits, oversexualized gimmicks, and no wrestling ability. Can she talk? We haven't really heard her cut a promo... As Leo said she's a great wrestler and I wouldn't want her to leave as a fan, but sadly she seems to be better used as a trainer at this point.
  5. deserves more than how she is being treated right now, that's for damn sure.
  6. edit: Goddammit, Idk if you are talking about Paige or Natalya taking a pay cut.

    Natalya: mos def
    Paige: I doubt she makes more working for NXT than she would TNA. At worst it is probably a wash.
  7. Natalya has been relegated to working with the worst superstar in the buisness. She deserves more and I hope she goes to TNA.
  8. She is being treated like a has been Diva. She should be fighting with Kaitlyn... Not the Bella Twins (gag). I want Divas to not be Divas and just be Women Wrestlers. I am over the whole Barbie vs Run Way Model crap already. Even guys are getting sick of it & that says something.
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  9. I meant Nattie would take a pay cut.

  10. The problem with Natalya really is that she's not that entertaining on an out of ring persona. She could have had her break out moment with the Divas of Doom, but she was just more irritating than entertaining. She's the best in ring worker no doubt, but her charisma just isn't there. I think she would do well with a manager, sort of the same situation with Swagger.
  11. She deserves a lot, the thing is WWE doesn´t care, maybe a title run if the divas division revives or maybe going to TNA
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