Should NXT matches be featured on Wrestlemania 33?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by KevinJamesFan, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. Sounds good

  2. Maybe

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  1. Sorry if this been discussed in past thread but I would it would be interesting to hear other peoples opinion.

    How would you feel if next year at Wrestlemania the NXT title is defended? Yes, this sounds like a long shot and unlikely to occur but really, it would do Wrestlemania and NXT a huge favor. I do understand NXT is a developmental and shouldn't be much more than that but if two superstars were featured on the main card of the biggest PPV it would legitimise both superstars and help the future of NXT platform. Plus having his annual event and changing the participants every year would be great in legitimising NXT stars before they transition.

    The best idea for Wrestlemania 33 would be -Shinsuke Nakamura V Bobby Roode- seeming both stars are already established individuals in the industry and would help ease the NXT at Wrestlemania concept in. And yes I know there will most likely be an NXT Orlando or NXT Florida during Wrestlemania weekend which requires a main event, seeing that the majority of people who attended NXT Dallas attended Wrestlemania I believe TakeOver would be the perfectly place and time for a contract signing.

    My idea would consist of a 6 month or more feud between Roode and Nakamura after Roode wins the title after defeating Samoa Joe. During this time they both don't face each other once, we forget any of the house shows fights between them existed, they both can get involved with minor feuds during this time.

    So what do you think?
  2. Takeover specials during 'mania weekends are essentially NXT's Wrestlemania feature. Putting an NXT championship match anywhere that isn't in the main event would only devalue the championship and the brand itself.
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  3. Nah. NXT is its own brand and it is fine where it's at right now.

    Plus, they'll probably have a TakeOver special during the WM weekend, so there's no need to squeeze in the NXT title match on a already stacked Mania card.
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  4. It wouldn't do WrestleMania any favor's... Having a match or 2 at WrestleMania Axxess is good enough.... It's NXT, of course it shouldn't be at WrestleMania.
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  5. WWE and NXT are two different branches of the corporation. They shouldn't be mixed. It's developmental.
  6. To be honest, all I want to see is Bobby Roode's entrance at WM33
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  7. The only way you should see this is if Roode's on the main roster by Wrestlemania....which I could see....or if Roode is the NXT rep in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

    With the popularity of NXT, WWE has to be careful about mixing the brands too much. Having a guy come out for a one-off to see how the crowd reacts to him on the main roster (a la Zayn challenging Cena for the US Title or Itami or Corbin appearing in the battle royal) is great. I wouldn't object to having a couple of NXT guys in the Royal Rumble. Other than that, having matches on WWE main roster shows is mainly a bad idea. If you have the NXT Championship defended at Mania, it's one step closer to having regular NXT Championship defenses on WWE main roster television and, eventually, nobody cares about tuning into NXT on a weekly basis or watching NXT events.

    Leave NXT matches where they belong: on NXT.

    And, for the record, I believe that a Roode-Nakamura main event for the NXT Championship at TakeOver Orlando would be a tremendous idea.

  8. Absolutely not. NXT works for many reasons but one of those reasons is that it provides a specific portion of the audience with a product that they don't really see on the main roster. It's definitely different. If NXT is integrated into that roster, or onto their events, then it really begins to become less distinguishable from WWE as a whole.

    If they were to put an NXT match on at wrestlemania, it would really only make sense to do the NXT title match... but that would detract from the NXT Takeover event that occurs on Wrestlemania weekend.

    Other than occasionally having the wrestlers make appearances on the main roster and eventually being promoted, it's better to keep NXT product and main roster product as separated as possible.
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  9. Go fuck yourself Kevin
  10. Yeah, go fuck yourself Kevin
  11. I'd say go fuck yourself Kevin, but you're probably doing it already so, continue on!
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  12. No way!
    Wrestlemania being a main roster PPV, Vince controls things and I'm afraid he'd just ruin it.
    And NXT is it's own brand and outshines any main roster ppv by a landslide every single time and that'll be the case next April.
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  13. Nope, keep it all on NXT Takeover Orlando, well maybe one NXT match that's not for a belt
  14. No way, it should stay as it is right now. Mania can already feel a bit of a slog to get through, so adding additional matches to the card will only be detrimental. I also feel like it would detract from superstars moving up to the main roster, because at the moment it feels like a big deal, but if they have already been accessing the main roster in dribs and drabs it takes away from the importance of leaving NXT.
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