Should Paige Drop The Title?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Star Lord, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. It's early in her reign but should Paige really drop the title?

    She seems to be at a loss of what to do, She has no real current feud and the spotlight seems to be on everyone but her in the NXT Women's division. Lets take for an example why Emma should be holding the title right now.

    Emma: Over with the crowd, Good character, Better in ring, In a current feud, Has a pretty large spotlight and decent mic skills.

    Paige currently is a lot different, She is not that over with the crowd, She has no real character, Great in ring but still lacks a proper gimmick and mic skills and also has been doing nothing in the division for a while.

    The way I would do it is write an injury angle with Emma or Bayley. Bayley they could have Bayley injure Paige by mistake taking her out of action, They crown a new champion, Paige comes back with a new gimmick and exacts revenge on Bayley and with Bayley's fun loving, Biggest fan gimmick be like "Its so great to have you back" etc etc, Paige takes a heel turn on Bayley setting up a feud which doesn't even need to have the title as Emma could be holding that, Bayley could maybe not understand why Paige is so angry and stuff.

    With Paige being writ off it doesn't even have to be away for a long time it could be for just 3-4 weeks.

  2. I think Paige is pretty over actually, but I'd rather have Emma or Summer tbh.
  3. She is over but look at the reaction Emma gets, I'm not even an Emma fan I just think Emma should have the title over Paige.
  4. They should give Summer Rae the title if she's going to stay on NXT. She should of been the 1st NXT Womans Champion.
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  5. :dafuq:

    -Paige currently has a feud with Sasha Banks, who is under the influence of Summer Rae.
    -What I love about NXT is that they don't overuse Paige like AJ. Even if you're not the champion, you still have a good time to shine and I like that.
    -Paige doesn't have to do everything for the division, the whole roster does something for the division.
    -Paige is the most over woman on NXT. A lot more people love Paige than Emma.
    -Despite my greater love of Emma, Paige should not drop the title until she premieres. It would definitely ruin her momentum.

    If they're not planning to premiere Paige for a long while, I guess it'd be okay to go through a title change in the meanwhile to spice things up, but I would prefer Paige to have the title until she has a solid place on the main roster, and then she drops the title. Almost exactly the way Langston premiered.
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  6. No fucking way. Paige should stay as champion she is the best womens wrestler on the NXT roster right now
  7. A champion from NXT should not drop the title only to go to the main roster. There needs to be a fued. And that's what should happen with Paige and Sasha Banks. UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT: Paige is not ready for the main roster. She needs to debut when the "Total Divas" fall apart and give up on AJ Lee and the title. AJ says that there is no one to compete with her, leading to a good, right-sized fued.
  8. Its not unpopular Fire, A lot of people think Paige isn't ready me being one of them
  9. Just in the general Paige loving public, bro.
  10. The only reason I would like to see Paige even drop the title is if she is getting brought up to the big leagues. Which hopefully is before the end of the year so we could have her in 2K15 and see her shine.
  11. She should drop that ass... on myyyyy face!
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  12. Paige is so ready for the main roster she has everything to succeed as a womens wrestler
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  13. In your opinion.
  14. The main issue on Paige is her mic skills and character, Her character is basically "I scream"
  15. for ice cream! :happy:
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  16. :yay: :please:

  17. Agreed. Paige rocks dude. She's only 19 or 20 too. Bright future.
  18. Turned 21 a few months ago.
  19. You mean last month.
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