WrestleMania Should Punk/Taker have had a stipulation?

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  1. For a match that size, should there have been at least a No DQ stipulation or something else to improve the match quality? The match was great, and was easily match of the night, but some think it could have been better. What do you think?
  2. I wouldn't have added a no dq stip in as I like the idea of Punk getting in Taker's head for the DQ however I wish he played up on it more, say he brought a chair into the ring spat in Taker's face and threw the chair and shouted hit me with his arms out wide, that could have been a great visual. Obviously Taker would contemplate it before throwing the chair away but the thought of Taker doing it could have been better used from a psychological stand point.
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  3. A steel cage. It would have made it much more awesome
  4. I don't know about you guys, but I would have enjoyed it being a submission match. Having Punk cut promos about making the Undertaker give up his streak. He could have cut promos saying that most of his matches were won by a Tombstone Piledriver, but very few were won by submission. I think that would have made the match better.
  5. The streak being on the line is enough to carry the drama of the match. Neither of the HBK/Undertaker matches needed any sort of stipulation except for the streak being on the line (and the second time, Michael's career being on the line) to add the drama that it needed. The two matches with HHH at 27 and 28 were different, as the brutality from it being no holds barred played a part in the overall storyline.

    No DQ is the only stip I would have added since one scenario I imagined was Punk slamming the chair into Taker a bazillion of times (just as HHH did the previous two years) to try and put him down... Although this might have seemed repetitive given it had happened the last two Wrestlemanias. I do believe if Punk HAD broken the streak, that a no disqualification match would have been necessary. You could even play up the damage and injuries that Taker suffered from the brutal matches with HHH the two years previous as being part of the reason he couldn't go through that sort pf brutality again for a third time in a row. Punk would have been just finishing Taker off in a way.

    Also, as mentioned, Punk was trying to get Taker to possibly DQ himself. Him trying to go for a count out victory was also a way to get the win, cheap as it would have been.
  6. Sure it should have, I'd like to see them in a ladder match or a cage match
  7. This, pretty much. Don't think it needed a stip but playing the part where if Taker got DQed the streak was over would've been good.
  8. Taker/Punk was the one thing at Mania that didn't suck. It was fine, lol.
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  9. It was great. I don't think anything needed to be changed. Sure there could have been more spots or more moments between Punk and Taker, but overall it was match of the night for a reason. I think it's good enough to leave it as it is.
  10. Sadly the reason is the majority of the other matches were bloody awful. It was a good match in a poor card IMO.
  11. Exactly. Why focus on this match, when the other matches should be changed instead.