Royal Rumble Should Punk win the Rumble

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Joe Casey, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. After the announcement of Punk being the first entrant of the Royal Rumble. Does he still have a chance to win? Or even more of a question. Should he win it? After Cena, Punk is surely the next man who deserves a shot at Orton's title. And Lesnar hasn't done anything to prove he is "NEXT IN LINE"
  2. I think that if Daniel Bryan isn't in the Rumble I would want CM Punk to win since CM Punk is my second favorite. Even though the odds are against him with him being at #1 that doesn't mean that he couldn't win. He deserves a title shot more than Batista or Lesnar. CM Punk has worked his butt off. I don't think Batista and Lesnar deserve a title shot because they just show up demanding it. It's something you earn not something you think you're entitled to.
  3. Do you think CM Punk > Lesnar?
    I don't.. Personally I don't want to see another CM Punk reign.. Had to deal with him for quite some time.. imo almost as boring as ADR's until the Shield came into play.

    The Winner of the Rumble: Ryback HAHA DA BIG GUY! :happy:

    Although you know I wouldn't be upset if the winner was oh sayyy.... Roman Reigns or perhapsssss... :sandow:
  4. I think he is winning it.
  5. It would be a great accent to his BITW gimmick.
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  6. Needs more serious air time IMO. This is a way to achieve it. Unless there will be another pointless feud with someone who eliminates him after being Kane for example.
  7. of course punk has a chance to win it's all a work so entry number is irrelevant.
  8. OOOOOOOOOOO was I right?
  9. Even though Daniel Bryan didn't come in at the last minute I wouldn't have been as upset if it was Punk or Reigns that won the Rumble. Those guys deserved it. But of course it had to be Batista.
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