Should Rhodes be on RAW more often?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. He's hardly ever there. When Big Show, Henry and Sheamus are there every single week. Why not have the most interesting thing on SmackDown there? He's the IC champion...

    Persnoally I'd rather watch a great promo from Rhodes followed up by a winning match than Sheamus squash Jinder for the 4 thousandth time.
  2. He should be getting as much exposure to the casuals as possible so for me he should be on Raw more often plus imagine how good the IC belt would look if he got into some kind of semi ME on the main show.
  3. Yup I agree.

    Although I despise the "Supershow" concept, as long as their is one, they should use it properly. Rhodes is like Miz, as soon as he touches a mic he gets heat. He's also a great great wrestler, so why not give him more time?

    But at least we get to see Big Show slap people in the chest... :facepalm:
  4. No, he still he's not on that level yet where he should be on RAW every week + too many storylines on it.
  5. But Sheamus and Big Slow are? You not seen Rhodes recently? The guy is epic.
  6. Obviously, I'm the one who chose him number one on my top 5 list.
    But Sheamus and Big Show are bigger stars than Rhodes.
  7. Unfortunately you're right. But both are getting out-performed by Rhodes by a massive amount.

    Shame, if only he'd of worked out with HHH like Sheamus does, he'd be the 20 time WWE Champion by now.
  8. If they gave Rhodes more exposure instead of Show wouldn't that make him a bigger star though? It seems that the WWE are taking 1 step forward and 2 back with that logic.
  9. The crowd already care more about Rhodes than Slow. Slow gets a pop when he raises his hand for WMD, that's it. Rhodes gets heat as soon as he touches a mic. Sheamus is pretty over though.
  10. Short answer; Hell yes.
  11. Well Big Show is involved in the main storyline in SD!?
  12. But nobody cares... literally nobody. He's SO DULL!
  13. So he's getting enough TV time for an established non draw.