Should Ryback adopt the spear as a finisher?

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  1. The question and focus of the thread is in the title. Ryback has been compared to Goldberg on multiple occasions and one would have to agree the similarities are there when it comes to mannerism and size. The key difference being that Ryback is a good if not great ring worker and really good on the mic when given the opportunity.

    Fans apparently chant Goldberg during Rybacks squash matches. Should he embrace the similarities to Goldberg and adopt the spear as a finisher or should he not? It would be a gamble for him. He could either come out of it on the top side or risk being just a poor mans Goldberg and the chants never going away. Never hearing the crowd chant Ryback.

  2. God yes. He used it in Nexus, it was epic.
  3. Imagine a combo. The Spear as his signature move. He then picks the guy up and puts him in the delayed fishermans suplex (his finisher.) Beastly impact.
  4. Yes he should. He should also change up his name to be more if you will "chantable" Ryback is only chantable if you my the Ry go on for like 2 secs. RyyyyyyyyBaaaaack. By the Ry is not as easy to chant as goldberg would be.
  5. I don't think he should adopt the spear. The clothesline is his spear. What creative should do is put Ryback against heel midcarders that the crowds know, not jobbers, stop showing people watching his matches backstage (unnecessary) and change his theme to something that has a more impactful start. Another thing that would be nice would be if Goldberg returned solely to put Ryback over, even though that's probably not happening.
  6. I'm still waiting for the day that someone picks up the "Jawbreaker" Lariat that Nigel McGuinness used to use... it just looks so brutal.
  7. YES! I miss spear. I know big show does it but I don't like him using it and how it's executed.
  8. well hes kinda big, if he did a real spear he would kill the other guy.
  9. No.

    I agree with Leo C, the clothesline is his spear. He already is a somewhat Goldberg ripoff, don't make it worse.
    Just the clothesline as his signature, and the Payback (Delayed fisherman suplex) as his finisher.
  10. I just miss the spear. Watching Big Show do it, well - attempt to, but just jump into them, is painful.
  11. I understand you do. But the guy has a pretty wicked move-set.

    Just for example, I'd like it if they gave it to: Heath Slater, Jack Swagger or Mason Ryan.
  12. I don't think he should have the spear, no. The clotheslines is basically the spear.
  13. No way in hell would I like to see him use the spear. Comparisons don't help wrestlers, it only makes them overshadowed. They should get him as far away as Goldberg as possible.
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